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Carrying the weight of a criminal record can be a lot for any one person to handle. Whether you were convicted for a small misdemeanor offense or you have a substantial felony conviction, it is very likely that you will be feeling the consequences for many years to come. In many cases, it is life after your time behind bars or on probation that hurts you the most, because your criminal record is available for the public to see. After a criminal conviction, it is very likely that you will experience difficulties finding employment or even homes or apartments to rent because of your past. Fortunately, there is a way in which your life can be changed for the better after a criminal conviction, and that is through having your record "expunged" or concealed. Expungement is defined as the process of concealing your criminal records from the eyes of the public. While your record may never be permanently erased from history, it can be made so that potential employers, landlords, etc. cannot access your records. This process enables a person who has been convicted of a past offense say without hesitation that they have never been convicted for a criminal offense if asked.

Am I eligible for an expungement?

Those who have been arrested and convicted of a criminal offense may have the hope of having their records concealed soon after their consequences with the law are paid off. However, there are certain requirements that must be met for those seeking to have their records expunged, and it is not necessarily a simple "quick fix" process, either. In order to be eligible for expungement, the jurisdiction will determine whether or not they will allow for not only misdemeanor offenses to be expunged, but also felony convictions. Judges will likely also require that those who have a criminal past to have a clean record for a length of time after their sentencing and probation periods are complete. There are certain circumstances for which a judge will consider allowing you to petition for an expungement before your sentencing process is completed though, so it is always worth discussing with your Michigan criminal defense attorney. While an expungement is the concealing of your record, it is important to understand that it does not erase it entirely, and certain places of law enforcement may still have access to your full records.

Sealing Juvenile Court Criminal Records

Seeking a fresh start for a juvenile offender may come more easily than an adult who is bearing the consequences of their actions done while of legal age. In many cases, the court will have compassion on those who committed an illegal act while they were still minors. However, even these juvenile offenses can have devastating effects on their ability to go to college, participate in extra-curricular activities, find employment, and the like. People who seek to have their juvenile records expunged need to be considered a legal adult (over the age of 18) before the court will agree to seal their records, though there are rare exceptions in certain situations. Unfortunately, it is required that the record remain unsealed for at least 5 years following the original offense, which means even with expungement it may still negatively affect the juvenile's ability to pursue a collegiate level of education. Not all juvenile crimes are accepted for expungement, either. For example, if a juvenile was tried as an adult for a felony offense, there is a chance those records will not be approved for concealment by the court.

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Though it may appear the process for expunging a criminal record is next to impossible, it takes the skill and tact of an experienced Michigan criminal defense lawyer to fight on your behalf and help prove that you are a worthy candidate for a fresh start. This is not to say the process will be simple; applying to expunge your record many be complicating and tiresome, which is why having a skilled litigator from the Freedman Law Group is so crucial. We work will tirelessly on your behalf to help you fight for your rights in regards to having your records sealed. We will stop at nothing as we advocate for your future, because we understand how important it is to be able to move forward and start over and with a public criminal record that is difficult to do.

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