Police Misconduct

Excessive Force and Police Brutality

Even when a person is arrested or is suspected of committing a crime, they have the right to fair treatment by law enforcement. This means that the police should use reasonable force in detaining an individual. When police use excessive force, this can result in serious injury to someone who hasn't actually done anything wrong.

At Freedman Law Group we represent clients in police misconduct and police brutality cases throughout Michigan. If you or a loved one was injured because of negligent or abusive treatment on the part of law enforcement personnel, contact a Michigan personal injury attorney at our firm for a free case evaluation. We firmly believe in upholding our clients' rights in these serious cases and will work to help you recover financial compensation for the injuries you have sustained. We take on cases involving police shootings, arrests, injuries while in custody, negligence, beatings, sexual assault, racial discrimination, false arrests, and much more.

There are times when force is necessary for an officer to protect another person or his or her own safety. However, there are also times when the force applied by an officer is simply uncalled for or is more than the situation actually requires. It may be difficult to make this designation. By thoroughly investigating your case and evaluating your injuries, a lawyer experienced with these matters can help determine whether you were the victim of police misconduct or excessive force and whether you can bring a claim against the department for the incident. Call Freedman Law Group if you need help in your police misconduct case!

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