Clear Signs of Nursing Home Neglect

In Detroit, the number of nursing home neglect cases that are reported each year has continued to increase. The increase in reports may stem from the fact that more families are starting to watch for signs of abuse and neglect. Below, our law office provides several signs that families with elderly loved ones should look out for:

Bruises, cuts or injuries that are not explainable or that are sudden. Anytime families notice injuries, they should ask nursing home staff how those injuries occurred. If clear answers are not given or injuries are ongoing, it is time to seek help from a Detroit personal injury attorney.

Elderly loved ones having bedsores or having to sleep in dirty linens. This is a clear sign of neglect as bedsores occur when people are left in beds for prolonged periods of time.

Sudden weight loss, which may be a sign of malnutrition or dehydration.

Lack of personal hygiene or unkempt appearance. This is a sign that the loved one is not being taken care of and this needs to be dealt with immediately.

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