Officer Caught in Drug Smuggling Scheme

Another person was discovered smuggling drugs across the nation's border, but this time it was a member of a U.S. government agency.

Earlier this month, another drug smuggler was arrested and taken into custody. During the interrogation, the suspect agreed to give up the names of his accomplices in return for a more lenient sentencing. Officers investigating the matter were surprised to learn that the man was being helped by a policeman associated with a U.S. government agency.

Based on this information, the officer was placed under investigation for one month. After gathering enough evidence against him and using information from the informant, police finally caught him in the act.

Rather than surrender peacefully, however, he took several agents and officers on a high-speed chase across the desert. He was finally detained and charged in connection to several drug crimes. Officers now believe that he was helped by a colleague in carrying out the drug trade across the border.

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