New DUI Law Keeps Michigan Police Busy

A new law recently enacted in Michigan has kept police busy over the past month. The "Super Drunk" law states that drivers with a blood-alcohol content level over 0.17% will face increased charges. During a three-week period this month, a total of 79 drivers were charged under the new law. Law enforcement agencies across the state conducted a three-week crackdown on drunk drivers this month. The combined efforts of 165 agencies in 26 counties led to increased DUI arrests. While searching for drunk drivers, police officers were able to target people committing other traffic violations as well.

The crackdown period, dubbed "Over the Limit. Under Arrest." was a three-week effort that took place from March 13th to April 2nd. A total of 4,000 arrests or citations were given out during 8,083 traffic stops. While the initiative usually ends after St. Patrick's Day, it was extended to coincide with spring break for area colleges. Have you been arrested for DUI in the state of Michigan? Contact Freedman & Freedman now to learn what options you have to contest your charges by speaking with a knowledgeable Michigan criminal defense attorney.