What Are the Penalties for Multiple DUI?

Have you been accused of driving under the influence of alcohol? If so, you will probably have many questions going through your mind. Our firm understands that this is an extremely frightening and confusing situation to be dealing with. Our goal is to not only defend you to the best of our ability, but to provide you with all the information you need to make the best decision for you. The main priority of our team is to ensure that your future and freedom are protected so that you can carry on with your life free of any criminal convictions.

If you are one of the many people who have already been convicted of DUI in Michigan, your situation will be slightly different if you are arrested on suspicion of drunk driving again. For a first offense, you could be jailed for up to 93 days, given a $100 to $500 fine, asked to perform community service for up to 45 days, and have your driver's license suspended for 6 months. Even though these penalties may seem serious, they will only increase with each subsequent conviction. For a second OWI conviction, you could have to go to jail for one year. Not only that, but you could be fined up to $1,000 and given community service for up to 90 days. In some cases, the court may even rule that your vehicle be permanently taken away from you.

If you have more questions regarding a second, third, or fourth OWI offense, please do not hesitate to contact a Michigan DUI lawyer from our team. At Freedman & Freedman, we are dedicated to doing everything in our power to protect your rights and fight for your best interests. Even if you believe your case to be hopeless, you can rely on our team to do whatever it takes to help you. Contact a Michigan OWI attorney from our team today to learn more about multiple DUI!