Teen Drug Lord Arrested for Marijuana Crimes

Known for a being a drug crime area, police arrested one of the biggest drug dealers in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. What shocked many was the appearance of this popular drug lord, he appeared as though he was the high school science geek rather than the rich leader of a marijuana ring in his town, Tyler Pagenstecher was only 17 years old. Reports say that just before his senior year of high school, he was arrested and pleaded guilty for participating in the illegal selling and distribution of marijuana to underage students at his school.

He reports that his drug ring brought in close to $20,000 a month for this high quality grade drug. The Warren County Drug Task Force commander, John Burke, claims that in his time working on drug crimes, he has never come across a more successful teenager involved in drug crimes. It is believed by many people that he was a typical nice kid; however there was also a majority of the school who knew that he was extremely into smoking pot. Many friends from his school shared that while he never said straight out that he was a drug dealer, he would always share that he never needed a job because he had money, a wink would often follow that statement.

While Pagenstecher was the head of the entire drug ring in the city, he reported to other adults that made him in charge of the drug sales within his school, there were six other teenagers that reported to him. The police department hopes that he will learn from his mistakes and come out of this situation as a better man focused on giving to his community and pursing something that allows him to use the brains and gifts he has been given. Many people who knew the accused claim that he was a very intelligent boy. If you or someone you know has been accused of a juvenile crime or a drug crime, please contact The Law Offices of Freedman & Freedman today for the criminal defense attorneys that you deserve!