Murder Linked to Sex Dungeon in Detroit

A murder on the east side of Detroit, Michigan has led to several leads. Thanks to the tip of a man that might be connected to the murder, a "sex dungeon" was located under a popular bar. The victim, J.B., was found strangled to death in her home that she shared with her husband and children. Her husband was linked to the sex dungeon by several eyewitnesses who claim to have seen him entering the basement lair over the past few years. When police investigated the basement, they found a bed surrounded by whips and chains.

The location of the bizarre room was obtained from a man that claims to have helped kill the victim. He also claims that the victim's husband paid him to help kill his wife. At this time, the claims have neither been substantiated nor repudiated. If someone you love has recently been charged with murder, you need to seek legal counsel immediately. Don't hesitate to contact Freedman & Freedman so you can enlist the advise and services of an experienced Michigan criminal defense lawyer from our office.