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  • Mark Freedman
    Thanks to Mark my case was resolved with ZERO points given to me on my driving record. I was involved in a 3 car accident and was charged with 3 offenses. Mark was able to negotiate with the city attorney to get 2 dismissed and the 3rd one reduced to a ZERO point civil infraction with only fines and court costs. I was looking at up to 6 points and two documented misdemeanors that would have been permanently been on my record. I would highly recommend Mark for ANY infractions and wouldn't go to any court proceedings without him. Being an Army veteran I would recommend Mark to my fellow veterans if you need assistance of a trust worthy attorney. Thanks again Mark for your professionalism and help in my case.

    - Alan R.

  • Exceptional Service and Amazing Result!
    Mark did an outstanding job with my ticket and keeping me informed every step of the way. Thank you very much!

    - Melissa

  • Mark Freedman is outstanding!
    So glad I hired Mark Freedman, he did not let me down! He created a plan for my son's defense, made sure we understood everything about the process, and told us all the possibilities of what would happen next so there would be no surprises. He guided us every step of the way through the legal process. He was attentive, responsive, prepared, proactive, compassionate, experienced, and thorough. We got a result that was better than we were expecting, and for that, we are grateful to Mark!

    - -One Relieved Mom

  • A premier attorney.
    Mark is a premier attorney who is very knowledgeable and has developed great relationships with other attorneys and the various courts. This combination creates the best opportunity for a successful resolution of your case. I found Mark to be pleasant, responsive, professional and trustworthy. His law practice is very efficient and he will personally handle your matter. You will always be well informed and your questions will be answered. Do not hesitate to hire Mark for your legal needs.

    - Harold P.

  • I would highly recommend to anyone in need of a miracle.
    What a Blessing! I called multiple lawyers and decided I felt most comfortable with Mr. Freedman since he took the time to explain everything to me and eased my worry regarding my son. Mr. Freedman was honest while confirming he would do his very best. My son had a speeding ticket for 33 over. A split second decision could have changed his life. Fortunately, Mr. Freedman was able to negotiate with the prosecutor and got the ticket reduced to 1-5 over giving my son a chance to repeat a driving education course and having this erased from the record. Mr. Freedman thank you! I would highly recommend to anyone in need of a miracle.

    - Mich L.

  • This is my first review I have written but I felt that the service I received was worth it.
    This is my first review I have written but I felt that the service I received was worth it. Mark Freedman is a lawyer who is patient and understanding and I would definitely recommend hiring him. My son recently got a ticket in Michigan while at college and we live in Florida. Having no experience with Michigan traffic laws or local law firms, we searched the internet and read multiple reviews and decided to contact Mark. He spent a great deal of time with us on the phone walking us through every step of the process. He was extremely professional and caring at the same time. He was honest about what he wanted to achieve and the possible outcomes. He kept me up to date by phone and email so that I had everything in writing after he explained what transpired. I’m happy to say that he was able to get my son's ticket reduced and he received no points. I would definitely recommend Mark Freedman and the legal services he provides. Thank you, Mark.

    - Emily W.

  • You cannot go wrong with Mr. Freedman!!

    I’ve taken days to find the right words to express what an incredible lawyer Mark Freedman truly is. Then I realized that I was trying to evaluate the lawyer without giving enough credit to the MAN. Mark is a caring compassionate person, committed to his job and the people he serves. Whether you are a new client walking into his office or you work in the courthouse he is a man who respects others and has a presence that demands the same from those around him. --- As a client, I provided him with all he needed, at the time he needed it and then had the decadence of sitting back and watching him. He guided me through every step of the process, keeping me peaceful and feeling at ease through every moment. Mr. Mark Freedman is exponentially the best guide and very best advocate a person could have, especially in an experience like this. You cannot go wrong with Mr. Freedman!! -- Thank you Mark for doing the thinking for me. :)

    - Pamela D.

  • He was able to get my ticket reduced and received no points, which was our goal.
    As many of the 5-star reviews have said, Mark Freedman is an incredible and compassionate lawyer and I highly recommend hiring him. I recently got a ticket to which I was looking to reduce or get rid of my points. Never using a lawyer before I decided to research local lawyers in my area. After some time looking, I stumbled across Mark Freedman and his firm. After reading numerous 5-star reviews I decided to give him a call to see if he could help. He answered and I explained to him my situation. One thing right off the bat was how honest, professional, and caring he sounded and instantly gained my trust. He explained everything to me step by step and in great detail. He gave me a very realistic outcome of what might happen if we proceed to have him take on my case. He keeps you up to date with the latest information and if you need to ask any questions, feel free to do so, he’s very prompt answering them. In all, I’m happy to say that he was able to get my ticket reduced and received no points, which was our goal. I would highly recommend Mark Freedman and would not hesitate to give him a call again. Thank you, Mark.

    - Steven Z.

  • Need More Like You MARK!!
    Mark is a caring compassionate person, committed to his job and the people he serves. Whether you are a new client walking into his office or you work in the courthouse he is a man who respects others and has a presence that demands the same from those around him. --- As a client, I provided him with all he needed, at the time he needed it and then had the decadence of sitting back and watching him. He is very knowledgeable, guiding me through every step of the process. His expertise kept me peaceful and feeling at ease through every moment. Mr. Mark Freedman is exponentially the best guide and very best advocate a person could have, especially in an experience like this. You cannot go wrong with Mr. Freedman!! -- Thank you Mark for doing the thinking for me. :)

    - Pam

  • Outstanding attoney!
    Mark is an outstanding attorney! He is always there to help. I had a question and he responded quickly and helped me. I appreciate his expert guidance and experience. I highly recommend him!!

    - Somewhere in Michigan

  • Outstanding attoney!
    Mark is an outstanding attorney! He is always there to help. I had a question and he responded quickly and helped me. I appreciate his expert guidance and experience. I highly recommend him!!

    - Happy Client

  • He's the BEST
    Very kind, understanding and non- judgmental. Always wants the best for his clients. Always helpful with excellent communication skills. He was able to help me in so many ways. Very happy with my choice of attorney NONE BETTER !!!!

    - Happy Client

  • Blown away!!
    I had a 3 point ticket that was taken down to 0 points!! I never in a million years thought that was possible!! If I could give higher than a five star review, I would!!!

    - Courtney

    Attorney Mark Freedman he is a wonderful experience lawyer he is a courteous professional and understanding and he always answers all of my questions and have great listeners he is excellent lawyer I have my legal issues he help me I trust him always I recommend mark freedman I have great experience I recommend my all friends Mark freedman lawyers.


  • Outstanding!!!!
    Mark is one of the most dependable and outstanding lawyers that I have had the pleasure of working with. He has been true to his word throughout and has been one of the most amazing people to work with. You can never go wrong with working with Mark as he will assure you from the beginning that he has the case handled and will work with you to ensure you are taken care of. I highly recommend working with him. Get your free consultation today. You will not regret it.

    - Anonymous

  • I could definitely tell my chances were solid with him from the get go.
    Mr. Freedman was excellent to work when he represented me for a misdemeanor. He's highly professional, micromanages you, and takes your questions seriously and answers them very honestly. After our first few talks, I felt a lot better waiting for my court date. When it came, he got my charges completely dismissed without any fuss from one of the toughest court systems in the Midwest. Ethically, I can't guarantee that he'll always meet expectations, and neither can he, but I could definitely tell my chances were solid with him from the get go. I highly recommend him for his professionalism, 20+ years of experience, and excellent demeanor.

    - Jordan M.

  • Excellent and Knowledgeable!
    Mark did exactly what he said he would do, explained every detail, follow up was excellent! I would highly recommend the Freedman Law Group to anyone needing an attorney!

    - Gregory Brown

  • Great Work, Great Outcome
    Teen age son got his first ticket.. Upon contacting Mark and his reviwing the ticket he outlined various senarios with the possible outcomes. He was up front with all the information and expectations. He kept us informed of the progress. Mark was able to get the points reduced as a first time offender with possible online class to remove this one infraction from his record. The outcome was a great relief. We can recommend him without any reservations.

    - Guy

  • I would seek his services again and recommend him to anyone.
    I would recommend Mark to anyone who is in need of a great attorney. He was thorough with his explanation as to what was being faced but also made me feel that this all would be over soon and life would go on. He provided the comfort that was needed and when it was needed. I have great trust in him and his abilities and would greatly recommend him to anyone. Thanks Mark for all the help you provided.

    - William R. Monks

  • Mark is the way to go if you need an attorney.
    Mark represented my husband when he got a second level OWI. If it wasn't for Mark, he would have been stuck with the charges which underline this violation. Luckily Mark helped him out so much that his ticket was lowered down to an OWVI (which doesn't happen often). My husband got off very easy, and it wouldn't have happened if Mark didn't help him. He was there for my husband every step if the way. There were no surprises. If you're stuck in a jam, Mark should be your go to guy.

    - Anonymous

  • Professional
    Mark accomplished exactly what he said he could do - in reducing my moving violation citation to a zero point non - moving violation. Mark was always courteous and prompt in returning my calls and answering questions. I would definitely recommend him to anyone in a similar situation.

    - Choosing To Remain Anonymous

  • The outcome went smoothly and on point with what Mark had a goal to achieve.
    If you are looking for a trustworthy, caring, and helpful lawyer, Mark Freedman is your best bet. I would like to thank Mark in handling my first time experience in court with his law firm. He is very polite and very professional. He even took the time to explain to me page by page about some documents I received from the court, which by the way it was on his spare time to answer all of my concerns about those documents. He responded on every email that I had questions and concerns and I got answers. The outcome went smoothly and on point with what Mark had a goal to achieve. Mark made himself accessible and told me if I have any other closing related issues pertaining any documents to give him a call or email. Thank you once again on doing a great job. I would highly recommend Mark Freedman and his firm.

    - Lozjana A.

  • Super Attorney
    My wife and I hired the Freedman Law Group after being in a motorcycle accident. Mark did a fantastic job on our cases, was very professional and hard working. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a good attorney.

    - Mark Stewart

  • A Turnkey Experience
    My son was involved in a personal injury at his daycare and it was Mark Freedman to the rescue. Mark is a very diligent and professional attorney who guided us through the troubling experience of our child's daycare injury. He handles all the work and keeps you informed the entire way. My wife and I were very pleased with his handling of our son's case which led to a positive outcome. There were no surprises and everything went just as he explained it would. You can bet that should my family ever need an attorney again, we'll be going back to Mark Freedman for his outstanding legal support. Thank you Mark!

    - Mark Ratajack

  • I love this attorney!!!
    Mark Freedman helped me after I was in a car accident. He was so kind and helpful and I'm forever grateful for all his help. I highly recommend his services!

    - Sabrina

  • Outstanding Attorney
    I would highly recommend Mark Freedman. Mark was thorough, supportive and an expert on process. He carefully reviewed my case and provided me with an in depth evaluation and all possible outcomes. He treated all questions with respect and answered them promptly. Mark exceeded my expectations and got me the best possible outcome! Mark is an outstanding attorney and he will provide the best legal support possible!

    - Anonymous

  • Mark Freedman is an Amazing Attorney
    I am almost 50 years old and had never been in legal trouble. That all changed one morning when I was charged with a misdemeanor. I needed help and wasn’t sure where to go. So, like many people, I turned to Google for help. Google led me to Attorney Mark Freedman. After reading every testimonial on his web page, I knew I needed Mark to represent me. When I sat down with him, Mark was supportive and clearly explained the fees, the process, possible outcomes, and outlined a plan. Before I saw him, I could not get my legal problem out of my mind. But Mark demystified my situation so well during our initial meeting, I did not give much thought to legal woes until the day before my trial. My hope was that Mark could get the charge reduced to a civil infraction. Instead, Mark was able to get the charges completely dropped – I didn’t even have a traffic ticket to pay when I walked out of the courthouse. Attorney Mark Freedman did an amazing job of removing my fears and defending me. I highly recommend Mark. He is a knowledgeable attorney and a good, caring man. I am blessed to have him as my attorney.

    - Jason

  • Did exactly what I asked and made the entire process very easy.
    Mark is a great Attorney. Received a speeding ticket in Rochester Hills for 5 over which is a city that is rather strict with traffic violations. Mark went to the formal hearing on my behalf and got it reduced to impeding traffic with ZERO points. Did exactly what I asked and made the entire process very easy. I highly recommend Mark and the services he provides.

    - Tyler G.

  • He handled everything so that I didn't have to worry about my case at all.
    Mark is a godsend. He is friendly, professional, and capable. I went to Mark with a serious ticket and little hope that it would be reduced. I am extremely pleased the results that Mark delivered.

    Mark communicated with me clearly as to what actions he was taking, and he handled everything so that I didn't have to worry about my case at all.

    When I was searching for an attorney, I was concerned that my ticket would not be reduced, that I would not be able to understand the process of how my attorney was handling my case, and that my attorney would contact me more often than necessary. With Mark, none of these concerns were an issue. I was contacted enough to remain informed but not overwhelmed, and he explained everything clearly. Most importantly, he reduced my ticket.

    I highly recommend his services.

    - Kaitlyn M.

  • OWI in a very tough 52-3 Court
    Dr. Freedman did a wonderful job communicating all aspects of a very serious high Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) case in the extremely tough 52-3 Oakland County Court. Fees were explained up front and all possible outcomes analyzed in detail. He established a strategy and expects the client to execute without deviation. This allowed him the opportunity to eliminate 3 associated tickets and reduce the very serious charge down to a standard level. I was extremely pleased with the results. This experience was difficult but Dr. Freedman patiently walked me through the entire process. There is no other conclusion but to highly recommend Dr. Freedman for your legal needs!

    - Anonymous

  • He Did An Amazing Job
    I chose Mark Freedman because of all the positive testimonials. Mark represented my son who was charged in a misdemeanor hit and run accident. He was able to completely eliminate all charges from his driving record. It was like the accident never happened. It was the best possible outcome and save hundreds of insurance dollars. He was very supportive, informative and honest throughout the whole legal process. He did an amazing job and I would highly recommend Mark.

    - Drew Pollauf

  • I would highly recommend this company
    I was on my way from work and was stopped by the Oakland County Sheriff Department for speeding; was issued a speeding ticket with a two point record. I was so upset because I have a excellent driving record . I contemplatied going to court on my own until I decided to Google a lawyer and the first one that came up was Mark Freedman law Group. I Was grateful that when I called the law group Mark answered the phone. I began to tell him my story and he started to work on my case immediately. When we went to court he spoke on my behalf and the judge honored our request to remove the speeding ticket w/ points to impeding traffic w/ no points on my record. Nov 29, 2018 will be a day I will always remember, that the Mark Freedman Law Group was there to defend me and I want to thank him again for successful ending.

    - Jeffrey Gaines

  • He helped me so much and avoided scary consequences as well as a large number of points added to my license.
    Fantastic Attorney -- Highly Recommend, Worth Every Penny // You won't regret working with Mark

    I've had to consult Mark on more than one occasion. I'm glad I heard about him and went with him. I knew I would like him right away when his response to working after 5:00PM Monday-Friday was "I work as much as I need to, whenever I need to. So, what time works best for you?"
    He is a knowledgeable attorney & a genuine guy. He knows what he's talking about and he will make sure you do too by explaining every step of the way until you fully understand what's going on. He will do whatever he can to help you as much as possible. Unfortunately, I had to appear at the 52/3rd district court, but I wasn't (too) scared heading in thanks to Mark. He took the time to explain every detail to me, I knew exactly what to expect going in. He assured me that he is well-versed with that court, and he proved it by really reducing my charge(s). He helped me so much and avoided scary consequences as well as a large number of points added to my license. Thank you Mark, I appreciate you.

    - Alaska Y.

    This was my second positive experience with Mark. Again, he did an outstanding job representing and advocating for my son. He kept us completely informed and took the time to answer all of our questions. The ultimate result was all that we could have asked. I highly recommend him!


  • Call Mark. You will be thankful that you did!
    Excellent professional attorney . Very thankful that I hired him. He saved me a lot of money and stress in the long run. Thank you!

    - MM

  • Fantastic Attorney -- Highly Recommend, Worth Every Penny // You won't regret working with Mark
    I've had to consult Mark on more than one occasion. I'm glad I heard about him and went with him. I knew I would like him right away when his response to working after 5:00PM Monday-Friday was "I work as much as I need to, whenever I need to. So, what time works best for you?" He is a knowledgeable attorney & a genuine guy. He knows what he's talking about and he will make sure you do too by explaining every step of the way until you fully understand what's going on. He will do whatever he can to help you as much as possible. Unfortunately, I had to appear at the 52/3rd district court, but I wasn't (too) scared heading in thanks to Mark. He took the time to explain every detail to me, I knew exactly what to expect going in. He assured me that he is well-versed with that court, and he proved it by really reducing my charge(s). He helped me so much and avoided scary consequences as well as a large number of points added to my license. Thank you Mark, I appreciate you.

    - Caitlin Callahan

  • Great Job!
    Mark got our case wiped clean! Thanks so much Mark! I can keep my job now!

    - Donald

  • I would not go anywhere else!
    I came to the Freedman Law Group with a traffic ticket that I was issued. I did not agree with the issuance of the ticket and needed help making things right. All I had to do was provide the details of the incident and the lawyers took care of everything! I went from a 3 point ticket to receiving no points and paying a small fine. The Freedman Group took every bit of stress and all of the responsibility off of my shoulders. I would return to them in a heartbeat. I was provided with all of the information and steps that I needed to take as they came about. The communication was professional and prompt.

    - Cody M.

  • Top notch
    Having Mark handle my case was very professional ! I called him and told him my situation and he explained very clearly my options. I told him which route I wanted to take and he handled it From there. So a big thank you for helping me out Mark !

    - John Stamper

  • Mark Freedman Is An Attorney You Can Trust
    Mark Freedman is an attorney you can trust. Mark came to us on a recommendation from a trusted friend that stated her son had retained his legal counsel when dealing with a reckless driving charge. Mark was very honest, knowledgeable, and supportive throughout the entire legal process. Mark always returned phone calls and emails promptly. He helped my husband prepare for probable incarceration up to five years due to a Felony charge. Mark was so diligent and detailed in preparing a thorough medical memorandum for the pre-sentencing probation officer and the judge on his case. Due to Mark’s hard work in preparing this comprehensive medical documentation, my husband was not sentenced to any incarceration. The court was able to see that my husband’s substantial medical injuries made him high risk for re-injury in jail and allowed my husband a precious second chance. This was because of Mark’s extreme effort in preparing this extensive medical information for the court. Mark always treated each of us with tremendous respect and as if our case was his only one. He recognizes that good people make terrible mistakes at times, but with help and commitment to recovery, a good person can redeem themselves. If you are looking for an experienced, intelligent attorney with integrity and extreme attention to detail, choose Mark Freedman! We highly recommend his expert legal services and know that you will not be disappointed with your choice!

    - Jennifer - Spouse of Recent Client

  • Mark is a great Lawyer.
    I would highly recommend Mark. He is honest, professional, knowledgeable and will keep you informed and will put your mind at. ease knowing he will defend your best interests. He negotiated a positive outcome for me where I didn't get any points or anything on my driving record.

    - Douglas

  • The best Law Firm I’ve ever stayed In contact with
    Twice now I’ve used Mark as my attorney to represent me in court and with excellent results. I was very nervous and upset when I got my ticket. I called Mark and he called me right back and to ease my worries with his calm and professional advice. He told me don’t worry and put it out of my mind I’ll take care of it. Mark kept me updated through each process of my case through the emails he sent me from time to time. When the day came for my court date Mark called me with the results promptly . I was very happy once again I was represented by Mark’s Law Firm. Anyone considering true professional advice and legal representation must try Mark Freedman’s Law Firm. I know I will again

    - Matt

  • Best attorney around!
    Mark did an incredible job of defending me and getting my case dropped entirely. He took the time to meet with me ahead of the trial and made sure I knew exactly what was going on every step of the way. The day of the case he took care of all of the heavy lifting and really went the extra mile to make sure I got the outcome I wanted. I recommend his service highly and I know I will be using him again should the need ever arise.

    - Anonymous

  • Remarkable attorney, remarkable outcome!
    Mark is a great attorney as as far as i know. He helped me every step of the way until i got a successfully result. I was confused and did not know whom to turn for help with my legal issue. Mark cleared any confusion that i had. He didn't promise anything but instead forecasted possible results. Mark is a honest, knowledgeable, caring lawyer that i have ever known. Highly recommend!!!

    - Khoa Tran

  • Accomplished exactly what he promised!
    Accomplished exactly what he said he would and more. Very pleased. I highly recommend this firm.

    - L. Klein

  • A True Professional
    I consider Mark to be a true professional.. He was straight forward on what to expect, didn’t make exaggerated promises , kept me appraised along the way and pushed through to conclusion in a timely manner. I highly recommend him.

    - Art L

  • Great Experiences
    Seems like no matter what I do or say the family continues to get busted. Every time I turn to Freedman Law Group the outcome has been excellent. Trust me, prevent your insurance cost increases, calculate the return on investment. Works every time!!! Will continue to use and recommend. Awesome communication and results.

    - Houser

  • Amazing and Positive Experience
    I would like to thank Mr. Mark Freedman for doing what he promised, and doing it well and successfully. Mr. Freedman contacted me immediately after calling his firm and went over with fine detail how my case would be handled and what the proposed outcome would be. He was extremely knowledgeable and confident in his approach to my situation. He kept me informed both by email, letter, and phone call as to the procedure and progress. In the end, he was successful, and I was extremely grateful and satisfied. I would not hesitate for a moment to contact him in the future, if ever needed, for anything. I would recommend Mr. Freedman to my family, friends, or anyone who would ever need expert legal advice or assistance. Thank you again, Mr. Freedman! Sincerely, Daniel DiDonato

    - Daniel DiDonato

  • Highest Rating! Outstanding Experience! ! Highly Recommended !!!
    Mark Freedman did an outstanding job helping my son with his traffic infraction. He carefully explained the process in the beginning and kept us informed throughout. He spent a considerable amount of time on the case to ensure that all issues were successfully resolved. We are completely satisfied and would highly recommend him to anyone. Thanks Mark! Mike Shulman

    - Michael Shulman

  • Great experience and result!
    Mark Freedman was a pleasure to deal with and made the process and painless as possible. He was extremely prompt in response and thorough in his explanation of any and all details. Completely professional and courteous, not only was Mark a pleasure to deal with, but he achieved the best possible result for my particular situation. I would use Mark again without any hesitation should the need arise and would highly recommend him to others. Thanks Mark!

    - David Raminick

  • A calming presence in the face of endless frustration
    Dealing with the legal system is of great personal stress for me. Mark’s calm, confident approach guided me through a time of great difficulty. To say I was satisfied with his firm is a gross understatement. If I or anyone else needs legal help in the future, Mark should be your first choice.

    - Anonymous

  • Highly Recommended
    Mark Freedman helped take the stress out of the court process. I had never needed an attorney until recently, and he was everything I could've hoped for. He kept updates and explained every step of the process. He is extremely professional, and as much as I hope not to need another lawyer, I wouldn't think of going anywhere else!

    - Anonymous

  • Admirable.
    I have been fortunate enough to not have needed an attorney for my whole life until just this year. When I learned that I was going to need to hire an attorney I honestly didn’t know where to start. I needed to get a moving violation removed from my driving record in order to save my job. I literally just went to google and found Freedman Attorneys and emailed them with my scenario. Mark Freedman called me shortly after recieving my email and readily had information for me as well as instructions on my next steps to take. Over the next few weeks while I gathered the specific documents I needed as well as waiting on information from my work, Mark stayed in-touch and was readily available with time sufficient responses. He was honest with his professional advice and opinions to where I didn’t feel I was being jerked around. He made it clear and wanted to make sure that if I were going to spend my money hiring him that I knew and understood everything he knew. On top of the honest expertise and professionalism I received, which is all you can ask for with an attorney; what I noticed from our first phone call and for the duration of our time in contact with one another, was that Mark has a very unique ability to convey his expert knowledge. Before I contacted Freedman Attorneys, I knew that I’d hear from someone and when I did I expected to not understand some of the language pertaining to the law and end up feeling lost and just hoping they’d do their job and just go with it. Not the case. Mark shut that expectation down right away as he stated any and everything I needed to know in a kind professional layman way while still being able to prove his educated expertise. That to me is something you can’t learn but instead comes natural and not in a lot of people either. Mark is one of those people. In short, what I got was a professional, educated attorney with knowledge beyond me but was also human, not some random sales pitch- giving, careless business man. And I didn’t even hire him. Other opportunities presented themselves for me to where I did not need to go back to my job that Mark was going to help me keep.

    - Charlie

  • Delivered!
    Mark helped me reach the best possible outcome in my case. He communicated with me at every step of the process, by phone, e-mail, or in person. Although this was a very stressful process, Mark helped by explaining my choices and his reasons for his specific actions. Without Mark's help, the outcome would've been much different. I can't thank him enough.

    - Mike

  • I Highly Recommend Him
    Mark did a great job in taking care of my case. Kept me up to date, followed up thoroughly, and got a great decision on my behalf for a moving violation. I highly recommend him.

    - Bill Semioli

  • A company that tells it straight.
    Mark was very up front with what my options were and what he thought he could do for me. He went right to work on by behalf to get court date corrected and handled my case very expeditiously and professionally. Mark kept me up to speed on my case and was able to negotiate an excellent outcome for me. I was referred by a friend who had Mark Freedman Law firm represent him with great success and am happy to say I would refer and recommend Mark Freedman Law Firm to you also.

    - Scott A Sturgis

  • Experienced! Fast response! Professional!
    Mark is a great attorney! When the time I called, I was nervous and don't know what to do. He calmed me down, and told me my options, the process and his advice. He is very professional and inform me for every step he is taking forward. He always pick up his phone, response through email. I think it is very difficult to an attorney to do all this these days. He speaks to me personally and even assist me in other topic. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to give Mark a call!

    - Ming

  • I highly recommend Mark Freedman.
    It has been an amazing experience with Freedman law group it was so professional and I am so proud to know him personally he constantly responds to any questions in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Mark Freedman to anyone thanks for all you have done and keep up the good work.

    - Tiffany M Coogler

  • Great service, and competent lawyers.
    Great service. Everything was taken care of in a timely manner. I highly recommend Mr. Freedman for any traffic ticket issues.


  • Look no further...
    Mark went above and beyond for me over the course of my legal issues. He was professional, informative and incredibly helpful from the very first moment I contacted him. His friendly demeanor and legal expertise really helped to alleviate much of the stress I was feeling. He made me aware of my options and together we devised a strategy that best suited my needs. In the end he achieved the best possible result for my case and I would highly recommend Mark to anyone seeking legal council.

    - Anonymous

  • Great Experience
    Mark Freedman is top notch! Great communicator and very professional. He kept me in the loop during the whole process. Outcome was what we had hoped for, but even if it had not, I am confident Mark would have done his very best!

    - Kate Titus

  • Mark Freedman saved my life as I know it.
    I received a misdemeandor ticket which could have, upon conviction, resulted in jail and loss of my professional license. I had no experience with the legal system and sought advice from Mark Freedman. He was honest, informative, always supportive, and when it came to my "judgement day" he was able to get the charge reduced to a civil infraction, saving me and my professional life. If I ever need ANY legal advice or help I will contact Mark Freedman.

    - Mark M

    The first time I met Mark I was very nervous and out of my comfort zone. Within 5 minutes Mark made me feel at ease and I truly believed that my case was very important to him. He was so kind and understanding. He was very professional but down to earth and I trusted him and had faith in him to get me a settlement. Mark is very honest and up front. Throughout my case he was always very dedicated and in constant contact with me by phone or e-mail to give me updates. He is very knowledgeable! He explains every term and procedure and very patiently makes sure that you understand it. Mark is very kind. He makes you feel like you are his one and only client when he actually has several other cases going on at the same time. He works very hard for you. My family and I are very satisfied with the outcome of my case. I received a very nice settlement and I never had to go to court. Mark took care of everything. Thank you Mark Freedman, for your dedication and caring. You are the "BEST" ! December 2017 Mary M.

    - Mary Maga

  • "Another Expungement Success Story"
    A devoted father, loving husband, and decorated war veteran. I am very proud of this man who has always put family first. Then one day his life was changed, when he reacted badly when our family was accosted. Our lives continued to change for several years, until the opportunity for expungement suddenly became the opportunity of a lifetime. We worked long hours searching for that special someone to represent my husband in court. We selected Mark Freedman of the Freedman Law Group. Mark has outstanding credentials, and impressed us with his candor and vast experience in many facets of law. Once he started, it seemed as if the days progressed quickly. He explained each new term and legal procedure. Then one day our case was over, and my husbands’ expungement was a complete success, solely because of Mark’s superb presentation in court. He was professional and dedicated through out the entire proceedings. Mark’s understanding of Michigan law was instrumental in removing a huge burden off my husband. We were very fortune to have Mark Freedman and the Freedman Law Group in our corner!

    - JM

  • "That'll be the day..."
    One bad decision kept me in the shadows for years, unable to be the person I once was proud to be. I waited many years before I could have my day in court. I knew that I would need an experienced professional to represent me in an expungement. It was far too important to rely on some ‘do it yourself’ kit, or someone without a keen understanding of Michigan law. We scanned countless web sites, and interviewed several attorneys before deciding on the Freedman Law Group. Mark Freedman is knowledgeable in many areas of law, beyond criminal defense and expungements. He remained in constant contact with me through out the proceedings. He presented my case thoroughly, commanding respect from everyone in the courtroom. Suddenly it was all over, and a horrible weight was finally lifted from my life. I look forward once again to a long and productive life, because of Mark Freedman of the Freedman Law Group. If you ever find your back against the wall, I suggest you interview with Mark Freedman of the Freedman Law Group for any type of legal assistance.

    - BK

    Mark was polite, punctual, and very professional. He answered the phone on the first ring, answered all my questions thoroughly, and achieved excellent results with my case. He delivered a level of efficiency and customer service you rarely see. I was impressed. I highly recommend him.

    - Pete Steinke

  • Top Notch!
    Getting. Into an accident and getting. A Ticket was very stressful. I contacted and spoke to Mark and he was upfront honest and told me his fee. No extra charges From the minute he took it over the communication has been excellent and very prompt and has come directly from him. He was able to get the result we were looking for. It was very ease and straight forward. I highly recommend to anyone that is looking for a traffic violation

    - Laura Garden

  • "Committed, Informative, Confident and Competent" ~ Who will Win!
    Attorney Mark Freedman was successful in winning an Expungement Case for me August 24, 2017. I am pleased with the way that he handled my case and won. From the beginning to the end, he has been straight forward and honest. He believes in communication and he will follow-up to make sure that any communication sent was received. He kept me informed about the matters involving my case as it moved forward in the legal system. He told me what I could expect at the hearing and what his (our) position would be in presenting the case. He was committed to working for me and with me. He was accessible. He answered my legal important questions. He planned ahead. He came to court prepared. He was confident. He handled himself competently and he delivered the results that I expected. "I am a satisfied customer"!

    - Stephen L. F.

  • Excellent, Professional Support
    Mark did an outstanding job at assisting my daughter with a 2 point moving violation. He was able to reduce it to a zero point violation. I am extremely pleased with the level of professionalism, patience, and success at the Freedman Law Group and I highly recommend!

    - Jill

  • Still striving for the best for his clients
    Mark has went to bat for me now on more than one occasion for traffic incidents and throughout he has brought more than satisfactory results in my cases. Thank you Mark Freedman for giving the me a voice in matters of hand in the eyes of the court.

    - Mike Cook

  • "Outstanding Law Group!!"
    Mark did an outstanding job at perserving the integrity of my driver's license after I received at 2 point moving violation. He was able to reduce it to a zero point non-moving violation that will not appear on my record. I am extremely pleased with the level of professionalism, patience, and success at the Freedman Law Group and I highly recommend!!

    - Kidary Dozier

    Mark was invaluable in saving/protecting our sons driving record! Our son received a 3 point moving violation and unfortunately had already been in court for a previous traffic violation where they gave him probation - there was no way the judge would have given him another break. Mark listened to the details of our situation and answered our questions, and based on his advice and reputation we decided to have him try to fight it. Thank God we did! Mark got it reduced to a zero point, non-moving violation that will not show up on his driving record! Words can't express how pleased we are with the professional service and favorable outcome we received from Freedman Law Group. Highly recommend!!!!

    - Tracey S.

  • Wonderful
    My experience was as easy as it gets. Kept me informed as I did him . Showed up on time for court and one ticket was completely dropped the other was dropped down to a parking ticket. Couldn't be more thrilled

    - Tilesha

  • Professionalism at it's best!
    I can't express enough of how grateful I am for Mr. Freedman. Out of a half dozen attorneys that told me no, he said yes. I was skeptical at first, but it was something about him that gave me a strong since of trust. He's definitely my guy. Thank you so much Mark!

    - Greg

  • I Strongly Recommend Freedman Law Group!
    Whoever has ever been in any kind of trouble whether its a speeding ticket or you are facing criminal charges please contact this law firm! I was in need of help after receiving a pretty hefty speeding ticket. I called around and must have talked to a dozen different attorneys Freedman Law Group was the only one to keep a tab on me and regularly called me to check in and to see if i had made any decisions on choosing a law firm. That really made them stand out from the rest, long story short they took my 4 point moving violation and got it dropped to a 0 point double parking ticket.... Nothing is ever guaranteed and every case is different but I strongly recommend Freedman Law Group!

    - Dean S.

  • Choose Mark as your Attorney and you will not be sorry!
    Mark was able to get my sons charge significantly reduced. He walked us through the whole court process and what needed to be done to persuade the court to lower his charge. I can't thank him enough for everything he did for us! Mark stayed in contact with us throughout the entire process both before and after court proceedings. The only regret I have is no calling him sooner. THANK YOU MARK FREEDMAN

    - Angela W

  • An attorney you must call first
    I'm not one to write reviews for anything but in this case I feel I must leave one since I was extremely satisfied with the outcome of my traffic case. I was one of the unlucky ones that got pulled over on my way to work one morning and I was not happy about the traffic ticket since I haven't had one in over 25 years. I decided to fight the ticket with an attorney and began going through the list of traffic attorneys in the area. I called 4 and of the 4 Mark was the last one and he answered the phone. He patiently listened to me and explained what he may be able to do. I must say he delivered as promised. One surprise was that he answered the phone which was great. I will also say I never got a call back from the other 3 attorneys I left messages for. You will not go wrong hiring Mark to handle your case. I also hope I do not have the need to use his services again but will be glad to recommend him.

    - OL

  • It's awesome company and a great attorney Mark Freeman
    I had a careless recorded and it was keeping me from working as a truck Driver and Mark Freeman help me out he beat the case and he's a great attorney he never gave up on me he went to court in won despite the case he never gave up at all he ment business,I was happy he never gave up on me ,mark freeman is awesome attorney let him fight for you he is a number one champion he doesn't give up on u he's awesome attorney in he's perfessional at what he does fight as a real champion he's a winner let Mark freeman stand in your corner,I'm very happy,he's a great champion in my book....

    - Bill Torres

  • The best ethics lawyer!
    We hired Mark after reading some of his reviews but, still unsure what to except. I can tell you, he surpassed all expectations and I honestly say the he is the best ethics lawyer to work with! I hope he runs for office someday we need intelligent, good communication, and ethical people to run our government.

    - Veronica G.

  • Far Exceeded My Expectations
    First off, let me say I am not a serial review writer by any means. I only take the time to share my experience when I have a strong message to share with a potential consumer. Which lawyer you hire is an extremely important decision when facing a possible jail sentence of any length. Having my fair share of legal repercussions for "establishment-deemed" faults, I have met a lawyer or two. Mark Freedman stands head and shoulders above the others. Upon receipt of a possession of cannabis / paraphernalia charge (years after a couple controlled substance charges in my past) I was thinking the worst case punishment was imminent. Mark told me exactly what I needed to do to improve my chances of coming out of this relatively unscathed. After taking his advice to heart, we had the ammunition to fight the court's stereotype. He was able to work out a deal to have the possession charge dropped entirely. This eliminated any license restrictions and possible points. The probation I was given was halved in duration, as well as the legal fees assigned by the arresting city's courthouse. The minimum for the paraphernalia charge is 12 months, I received a sentence of only 6 months with the chance to be let off early with sterling participation. None of this would have been possible without Marks guidance and wisdom of the local legal system. If you heed this advice, you will sleep soundly that your chances for a positive outcome will be dramatically improved. Do not look anywhere else, your dollars and trust will be well placed. Thank you Mark!

    - Joe

  • Supportive, patient and awsome
    Scrolling online for an attorney was as stressful as my case. But when Mr. Mark answered the phone he was very patient and kind and optimistic. I didn't need to call anyone else. He was able to achieve what others Lawyers told me was practically impossible. I am forever greatful for his support and would recommend him alone to anyone seeking council.

    - Team Winston

  • True and real, that's Freedman Law Group.
    From the moment I meet Mark, at my house, the ease and understanding he offered was over and above anything I have ever experienced. Mark assured me he would guide me through the whole process from beginning to end. Mark worked on my case and came to me with knowledge, answers, and closure. Trust is an amazing trait and Mark embodies. I will highly recommend Mark to anyone in need of legal services!

    - Debbie Carlson

  • Highly Recommended
    Mark Freedman provided our family with the highest quality service and for this we are very thankful. From our first telephone conversation to all subsequent meetings and conversations, Mark exhibited both a high level of skill and a great deal of compassion. He did all of the necessary background work quickly and completely, he kept us informed along the way, he explained things very clearly, and in the end he achieved the best results possible. Should we ever need attorney services again, we would not hesitate to hire him. We are happy to recommend him highly!

    - Claire

  • Mark Freedman is an UNCOMMONLY ETHICAL Attorney
    I am an Oklahoma attorney and reached out to Mark to see if he could handle a legal matter for a relative of mine in Michigan. It was a very complex situation involving my cousin and his company. Mark kindly spoke to us 3 times and made a great effort to get all information relevant to the situation. Once he learned that that which my cousin was requesting was only in the best interest of his company and not him personally, he respectfully declined to handle the situation, saying "I could never take money to do something so contrary to the client's best interest." He turned down the possibility of a quick $500-$1000 dollars b/c he did not want my cousin to pay a fee that would leave him worse off (and his company better off) than before. Had Mr. Freedman not provided such thorough information up front about all options going forward, we would not have been correctly apprised of all aspects of this situation and may well have proceeded with paying another attorney to my cousin's legal and financial detriment, had we not contacted Mr. Freedman first. When an attorney puts money above the best interest of his clients, he or she adds the insult of being financially taken advantage of to the client's already existing legal dilemma that necessitated legal counsel in the first place. As both a citizen and (especially) as an attorney, it is beyond refreshing to know that there are legal professionals who value their conscience and their oath taken to protect the best interest of their clients above their own bottom line. From my own personal experience, I can state assuredly that Mark Freedman is a safe haven for those with legal issues, such that they can seek the best resolution of their troubles without the underlying fear that they are being financially preyed upon. It is without reservation that I recommend Mr. Freedman as an attorney. Finally, as I enjoy poetry, the following poem reminded me of Mr. Freedman: When you get what you want in your struggle for self And the world makes you king for a day Just go to the mirror and look at yourself And see what that man has to say. For it isn’t your father, or mother, or wife Whose judgment upon you must pass The fellow whose verdict counts most in your life Is the one staring back from the glass. He’s the fellow to please – never mind all the rest For he’s with you, clear to the end And you’ve passed your most difficult, dangerous test If the man in the glass is your friend. You may fool the whole world down the pathway of years And get pats on the back as you pass But your final reward will be heartache and tears If you’ve cheated the man in the glass.

    - Margaret Alfonso

  • Your service is excellent!
    Mark, thank you for a very friendly and timely service. It could not have been better. Jan Krizan

    - Jan Krizan

  • What a lawyer should be
    My wife and I both agree that Mark handled my case almost as if I was part of his family. Never once did I get the feeling that he's more interested in what he gets out of it than what he does for me. This is no television bs'n law firm. Everything pretty much happened exactly as he said it would from our initial consultation. There were no surprises (other than the more than and unexpected settlement amount) along the way. He made the entire process totally effortless on my part and I honestly did not think that was going to be possible. I now have an attorney that I would not hesitate one second in calling if I needed their service and that is a very comforting feeling. Thank you again and God Bless you.

    - Dave Osowski

  • Mark is awesome!
    Mark is absolutely amazing! Not only did he reduce several misdemeanors to a simple fine and ticket! He was very informative and constantly focused on my cases! I would send anyone to mark! Hopefully I won't have to see him again but if I do I definitely won't stress!

    - Erin

  • Very happy with this firm.
    Very Professional and upfront, answered all my questions and was very helpful because I am out of state. Immediate replies to all inquiries. Very pleased that they got my traffic ticket dismissed. Will use them for any future legal needs.

    - Martin M

  • Under promised, over achieved
    As this was my first charge, I was unaware with how this whole process was going to play out,. Mr. Freedman did a outstanding job keeping me up to date and the status of my case, he was extremely helpful with the whole prosses makin sure I understood everything 100% and that I was comfortable during the whole experience. Mr freedman never made any false promises which I appreciated and I could tell he was giving 100% towards my case. I would recommend freedman attorneys to anyone and if I'm ever in trouble I will defiantly use them again.

    - Giuseppe

  • Over delivered.
    They under promised and over delivered. I was very happy with their efforts and if I ever need help again will definitely will remember them.

    - Cindy D

  • Best law firm
    Mark was very professional-> I sent a message via his web page (late at night), and he called me the very next day, took my case and kept me informed all along the way, got my Traffic Ticket(Red-light)reduced to a no point and nothing showing on my driving record .. and I did not have to go to Court !! Once I hired mark I did not have to worry about any thing!

    - Nick C

  • The guard·i·an
    I found Mr. Freedman through Google Search for two traffic violation convictions I got in Michigan. The first telephonic conversation with him was convincing enough that he is the lawyer I was looking for and he proved that with the outcome. Both of the convictions (one with deduction of points and other with misdemeanor for an accident I was involved) was thrown away by the court and replaced with "Impeding Traffic" violation - that's the help I was looking for from Mr. Freedman. So, no increase of Insurance, no point deduction. Mr. Freedman was always quick in responding to all my queries even when he was on vacation. I recommend Mr. Freedman and his company Freedman & Freedman for the drivers who need help with traffic tickets violation or similar. I wish his company will flourish more and more over time with his truly professional services similar to that he provided to me. H.M. Chowdhury

    - Hasan Chowdhury

  • " !! Guardian Angel !! "
    I was searching Google for an attorney to repesent my son and me. Came across Freedman & Freedman Law and let me tell you from the minute Mark Freedman answered the phone and spoke to me I knew my son and I was in great hands! "They say when it rains it pours." I got 2 violation traffic tickets for rushing to get to hospital because my mother was at ER. Mark's experience with the courts and prosecutors is Amazing and very Knowledgeable! He is honest and will tell you what to expect no fake talk he will give you sincere advice! My 5-points traffic violation dropped to 1-5 speeding over which is a 0-point moving violation and paid way less to what I was supposed to also took a 1day traffic class. Now for my son Mark went up and above he even returned his calls when he was out a week with his family. Mark cares and is compassionate he knew my stress for my son because he is a parent to. My son was driving with no license which is a misdemeanor and got 2 traffic violations totaling almost 10-points. They were dismissed and wont show on his driving record also paid less then what he was supposed to. As a parent you know your kids will make mistakes but you dont want those mistakes to hurt their future. I Highly Recommend Mark Freedman!!! Best call I made for me and for my son! Gratitude to Mark Freedman! and The Offices Of Freedam & Freedman! H.M & Ali

    - H.M & Ali

  • I will only ever use this firm!
    From start to finish having this firm handle our case was extremely quick and efficient. Mark rxplained everything to me in ways I understood and answered any and all questions I had. We were leaving for vacation out of country and knew by the time we arrived home the issue would be resolved. The peace of mind he gave us was worth every penny!

    - Brittany

  • Mark gets results!
    I received a ticket for improper passing and was shocked to find out this was a 3 point violation (same as careless driving and failing to stop for a school bus)! I wasn’t sure how to proceed. I called Mark and he agreed to represent me for a reasonable fee. I liked the fact that he was honest and clear upfront that he couldn’t guarantee an outcome, but he would work for the best possible result for me. Once Mark was on the case, the process was entirely painless for me. His office handled all the paperwork and court appearances. I didn’t have to show up to court at all. He also kept me well informed throughout the entire process via emails and phone calls. After negotiation, Mark got me the result that I had hoped for. The ticket was reduced to a non-moving violation with no points and a nominal fee. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Mark again in the future.

    - Eric

  • Gets the Job Done with amazing results!!!!
    I was pulled over unexpectedly by a Detroit Police Officer. He accused me of speeding . Said I was driving 70 in a 35 mph zone. He had no radar speed or proof. I then told him "I guarantee I was not. To which he got an attitude and returned with a Careless Driving citation. Although this is still a civil infraction, it carries heavy penalties and 3 points on your license. I knew i was not guilty of this and hired Mark Freedman to represent me. Mark is very friendly and professional . He does all the "heavy lifting" and assures he will handle the stress. As promised, i was stress free throughout the process. All I had to do was show up, he took care of the rest. I was speeding. I know for a fact that it was not nearly as fast as the officer claimed. Mark negotiated with the City Attorney and got it reduced to a 1-5 over and zero points. I was happy with this outcome as I did deserve a punishment, just not what was originally alleged. Mark is a very reasonably priced and personable attorney. I would use his services again in a heartbeat. Stress free and seamless service. AWESOME JOB MARK!

    - Joshua Allore

  • Highly recommend!
    For the first time in my life, I found myself in need of an attorney. My internet search lead me to Freedman & Freedman. After explaining my situation to Mark, I immediately agreed to have him handle my case. I was very nervous and he made me feel very comfortable and at ease through the entire process. My misdeamenor was reduced to a small fine and my driving record unaffected. I am very glad I found him and couldn't be happier with the results. He did an amazing job for me and I would highly recommend Freedman & Freedman to handle your case. After your first conversation, you will know your options and possible outcomes and will feel comfortable hiring such a great attorney. Thank you Mark!

    - Michelle

  • One call does it all!
    I received a speeding ticket in Plymouth. I searched the internet and took a chance with Mark Freedman. Mark explained the details of the law and what was going to occur through out the process. After the explanation of the details, I agreed to let him handle my ticket. He then simply asked me to take a picture of my ticket with my cell phone and I sent it to him. That was it. I did nothing more, but watch my e-mail for updates on the progress. The next thing I knew, it was all taken care of and I did not have to leave work for a hearing. The ticket was reduced to no points! Thank you Mark!

    - Vince C.

  • Experienced, Professional,Thorough
    Mark came recommended by family friends, and I must say that I was 100% satisfied. He took the time to explain every possible outcome, kept in constant contact and followed up after the fact.

    - Craig

  • "An outstanding referral "
    I was referred to Mark Freedman by an attorney friend of mine … My daughter and I are truly grateful to Mark for his expertise in handling our case … Mark was professional, competent and compassionate ...we felt like we were part of his family.... I was extremely pleased with the positive outcome of our case… without hesitation, I would highly recommend Freedman and Freedman .

    - Paul

  • Excellent service and results!
    I was mortified when I received my first speeding ticket. The thought of over-inflated insurance rates (they're not high enough already?!) was troubling and prompted me to reach out to Mark for assistance. Every step of the way, Mark took the time to explain my options and steps to be taken. I really appreciate his patience and thoroughness. Highly recommend Mark and his team. Look no further - call Mark!

    - K B

  • Mark was top notch legal counsel
    Mark Freedman was exactly what I was hoping for. He provided exactly the results I needed to keep my life on track, and I couldn't be more happy with the results. I can't begin to express my deepest thanks to him and his drive for success.

    - Eric Smit

  • Quick and painless
    Throughout my entire situation, Mark kept me informed and assured me that all of my worries were now his. Extremely professional and genuine. My case was resolved exactly as I had wanted and I walked away with 0 points. Thanks, Mark!

    - Vinnie

  • Freedman and Freedman! Enough said.
    For the first time in my life I found myself in need of legal representation. I had no idea how it worked, how much it cost or if it was even going to be worth it. Let me tell you it was worth every penny and I would do it again and again (but lets hope I don't have to). My first call to Freedman and Freedman was extremely informative. They are knowledgable, professional, well spoken, and of course have a firm grasp on how the law works and how to explain the best and worst outcomes so you have a realistic grasp of whats to come. Mark went above and beyond to keep in contact with me and make sure I knew exactly what was going to happen when it happened. I felt like I was in a situation that literally had no positive outcome for me and Mark made it happen. I can not recommend this company enough. If the situation arrises and you do find yourself in need look no further, make the call. Not only will they represent you as a client, they will make you feel as if they were representing their own family. I am truly glad to have had such an awesome team in my corner and cant even begin to thank them enough. THANK YOU FREEDMAN & FREEDMAN!!

    - Darryl A. Butler II

  • Thank goodness for Freedman and Freedman!
    For the first time, it became clear that our family required the services of a 'criminal defense' legal professional. I immediately called two of my close friends who are also attorneys (one Family Law and the other Financial/Securities) for advice. After explaining our situation and asking each of them for a referral, fate would came through for us. The first name I received was 'Mark Freedman'. As my close attorney friend stated, "If I had to hire a lawyer for my own family situation, it would be Mark Freedman!" Wow, enough said I guess. Early the next morning, I left a voice message for Mark; I was truly surprised when I received a call back within a couple hours. After speaking to Mark for perhaps 20-minutes on the phone, I decided that there was no need to contact any one else. I knew Mark was going to be our choice. Of course, I still had to get the 'buy-in' from my daughter for whom the services were needed. Once we both agreed to contract with Mark, the required paperwork was completed quickly. Our situation was, to me, complicated and worrisome since it would affect my daughters academic and professional future. Mark was able to identify with not only myself as a parent, but with my daughter who needed a strong sense of confidence, trust, and comfort in whomever was to defend her. From their first meeting, she felt a connection with Mark. Unfortunately, my daughter has certain 'personality issues' and an inability to 'stand-down' when dealing with those in a position of authority, including law enforcement and court-related personnel. Fortunately, as a parent himself, Mark grasped the situation with a true understanding, and did so with such grace. Mark 'put out fires' flawlessly and was amazing every step of the way. His smooth and professional demeanor was the best I've seen. We are truly proud that our decision to utilize Mark Freedman was indeed the right one. It felt great when in the end, my daughter told me that she was really glad Mark Freedman was our attorney and that she 'really liked' him. Whew! Mark, thank you for all your efforts, compassion, and understanding throughout these trying months. I'm hoping we never have to use your services again (at least not too soon 😏), but in the event we do, we will definitely be calling you. We will also be referring you and the Freedman and Freedman Team to our family and friends who require quality results from an 'above the bar' legal team. Thank you again for all you did for us!

    - S.G.M.

  • Professional, Knowledgeable, Trustworthy
    Words cannot express the level of gratitude I have for Mark Freedman. Mark was able to achieve an outcome I didn’t think was possible. Unfortunately, I have a pretty bad driving record and have experienced my fair share of Civil infraction and Misdemeanor traffic violations. Previously, I have tried to handle these issues myself or with the help of other attorneys; each time the results were less than desirable. I hired Mark Freedman to represent me on my most recent traffic misdemeanor case and it was the best decision I ever made. Mark literally saved my life. Mark is very knowledgeable and will go to great lengths to make sure you (his client) completely understand the situation and what your options are. He will help you come up with a game plan and then will execute that plan to perfection. Mark does not make a promise he cannot keep, he will promptly return your phone calls, always professional, and will work extremely hard to help you achieve the best outcome possible. I strongly recommend Mark Freedman. Mark is the first person I will call if I ever need legal help.

    - Greg A

  • Easy to work with
    From start to finish Mark did an excellent job helping us reduce a few tickets our company received. I would highly recommend this company, they were very easy to work with and kept us informed on what we needed to do and what the results of the tickets were. He was very knowledgeable and available at all times, not to mention well priced! Thanks Mark !

    - In The Nick of TIme Moving

  • Mark helped me tremendously!!!
    I had a wonderful experience with Mark Freedman! He was very caring and knowledgeable - explaining the legal process so you can understand and doesn't nickel and dime you to death when you have a question and need to contact him! He always tries to make himself available to you and gets back to you right away. He's on my speed dial in case, heaven forbid I need him again! Thanks Mark!!

    - Tracy S

  • Very Impressed
    Mark treated us with respect and immensely helpful in explaining the whole traffic court process for us first timers. He explained the whole process like it was the first time he explained it and never felt like he had gone through this 100's of times. Mark was personable and very professional and not to mention he reduced the original charges to almost nothing. We were very happy with the outcome! Mark and his team come highly recommended and not my usual experience for a "service" type job.

    - Jeff H.

  • Knowledgeable and Caring
    Mark Freedman did an outstanding job on my misdemeanor case. He is extremely knowledgeable and explained the legal process and possible outcomes in terms I could understand. I appreciated that I spoke to him directly versus a para legal assistant or a trainee. He genuinely cares about the individuals he represents. I was extremely pleased with the outcome of my case and I highly recommend him. 5 Stars!

    - K.T.

  • Best attorney's around, saved my life - really!
    I had a 2nd offense misdemeanor possession charge facing me, was terrified of jail time and didn't know who to turn to for help. When I found Freedman & Freedman they were honest to me from the very start. There was no sugar coating of my situation and I felt from the first meeting that they really cared about me and the legal issue I was facing. Mark Freedman was there for me every step of the way. His knowledge of the law and experience with the courts around Michigan really paid off. He gave me the very best defense he could, which only a long backround of dealing with prosecutors and judges could provide. In the end, my charges were lowered to possesion of paraphernalia, my traffic infraction completely dropped, I received zero jail time and was even able to have no penalties on my license, this was incredibly better than what I could have hoped for to start with. I came to this law firm a very frightened individual, and I left a very relieved, and thankful individual. I am extremely satisfied with the results that Mark got for me and would recommend Freedman & Freedman to anyone in a heartbeat. I know that if I ever need legal assistance again in the future, I will be turning to this law firm for that help. Thank you to Mark Freedman for everything, I couldn't be more thankful.

    - Courtney Evans

  • Probably one of the best choices I've ever made in choosing Mark Freedman as my defense
    Mark Freedman is a very stand-up and straight forward type of lawyer. He didn't make me any promises but explained to me exactly what he would go to bat against for me. He literally handled everything from the moment of contact forward. I couldn't have made a better choice in my defense and his results were beyond satisfactory. If the situation ever arises again I will surely utilize his services once more, or with great respect recommend him to anyone else needing a great attorney to stand-up for them. Thank you Mr. Freedman.

    - Michael C.

  • Mark Freedman is a lawyer who possesses more than just legal tact and superior knowledge. He is also very caring and candid.
    To begin, Mark Freedman is a lawyer who possesses more than just legal tact and superior knowledge. He is also very caring and candid. Mark is able to guide you through the stressful judicial process while easing your mind and by putting you in a better place mentally. Mark will tell you that he “is no magician”, however even while I faced a tough judge, and a tough prosecutor, Mark was able to navigate me on the safest and most successful course to an extremely light sentence and shortest term of probation. What Mark lacks in magical powers he makes up for in knowledge of the courts he works in. Mark knows little details about the courts which help to steer you in the right direction as he steered me. I highly recommend Mark as an attorney and if I ever need legal help in the future I am more than sure that I would use his services again.

    - Jordan P.

  • Very courteous, efficient and effective
    Mark truly helped me out of a jab. When faced with a potentially damaging combination of citation, state trooper and unfriendly county court, Mark was able to save my license and reduce fines. His demeanor was very courteous from the beginning. My concerns were handled efficiently and he brought everything to a very effective end. I drive for my job and all of that was endangered with this event. I was truly impressed with the results of using this firm and would not hesitate to use them every time I need to.

    - Scott Farnell

  • Thank goodness for the Freedman !!!!
    Mark saved us. My husband's a trucker and got a ticket from a cop for something silly and Mark got it reduced to no points. We are forever grateful 😆

    - karen

  • Highly Recommended Traffic Attorneys
    Mark Freedman and his team tenaciously defended my near spotless driving record and ultimately made what would be a substantial infraction, a significantly reduced moving violation. His firm protected not only my driving record, but also the financial impact this would have had from increased insurance rates. I had not worked with a lawyer before I found Mark Freedman. As such, I had no idea what to expect. Mark and his team were incredibly honest, forthcoming and always kept my best interest in mind. If I had any questions, he made himself available to my Emails or phone calls no matter what time and at no additional cost. I can say with confidence that hiring Mark and his firm was the best decision I made, when determining who would represent me. I would not hesitate to utilize Mark and his firm again, should I ever find myself in need of a lawyer.

    - Jon Z.

  • Could'nt have found a better attorney.
    Mark took a bad situation for myself and turned it into the best possible outcome that was possible. Would highly recommend him to anyone and not hesitate to use his services again without a doubt. Thankyou again!

    - Kenneth H.

  • Mark made this nightmare go away! Cannot say enough about the quality and expertise of this law firm
    My husband is an Ohio truck driver whose load shifted which resulted in a roll over. It was our first time dealing with the courts and we were shocked at our first hearing to understand the serious charges and consequences that my husband was facing. Based on the testimonials from other clients we hired Mark Freedman to represent us. The clear communication and quickly being able to speak to him directly gave us hope that he could make this better. There were tough negotiations with the prosecuting attorney and others. We were kept up-to-date with the process in the courts. Mark changed this horrible nightmare to a simple civil infraction charge, a small fine and two points. It was the best money we have ever spent to hire Mark Freedman to represent us. I cannot say enough about the quality and expertise of this law firm. If you need an attorney in Michigan this is the group to get!

    - Gary L Terry

  • Personal and Prompt
    My husband is an OTR truck driver who happened to get a ticket while in Michigan. Being from California, we were unaware of Michigan laws and made a mess of things right from the start! I called several lawyers looking for help but never so much as received a call back from them, I was only ever able to speak to their secretaries. Then I found Mark and everything instantly became so much simpler! Not only was I always in direct contact with him, but he always took the time to answer all my nagging questions and put my mind at ease. We were having financial problems at that time and Mark made all the arrangements to accommodate us and help us in every way that he could. The service I received was far more than good customer service. He was understanding, prompt personal and caring and it was truly a blessing to have worked with him.

    - Krissy K

  • I always felt like I was his only client.
    When I received a traffic ticket I immediately started searching for a competent attorney to handle my case. To my great fortune Mark Freedman answered the phone, he explained everything without me having to ask a question. Communication was excellent, by email and phone. I always felt like I was his only client. My presence was not required in court, thus saving me a days pay. Mark called after leaving court to say the ticket was dismissed. What else could I expect from my attorney, a birthday card?

    - Dave F.

  • I will never hesitate to recommend or use them again.
    This is the first testimonial I have ever given, mainly because seldom are we ever truly satisfied. However in this case, I find it impossible not to be pleased with the outcome of my case and with what was delivered and promised at the beginning. I was kept up-to-date with all proceedings and was informed of what to expect and could contact them at any time. I hope I do not have to use their services again but will never hesitate to recommend or use them again. Sincerely, a truly satisfied client.

    - M. K.

  • Should have been the worst outcome I've experienced, but instead, it was the best one!
    Mark represented me in court on some complex and serious driving issues. The results could have been devastating. However, by the time I arrived in court, Mark had already talked to the prosecutor who agreed to a very favorable outcome. The judge knew Mark, and of my many court appearances, this was the easiest one, thanks to Mark. This should have been the worst outcome I've experienced, but instead, it was the best one. I am so grateful for what he did, and I would recommend Mark to my family and closest friends. He is an expert at what he does and he keeps his clients informed of all the details of the case / litigation process every step of the way.

    - Alison Taylor

  • I recommend Mark and his team to anyone!
    Dear Freedman & Freedman Team - Thank you for the incredible customer service I received. I was particularly impressed with Mark Freedman himself for being so thorough and responsive during my case. I was driving out-of-state in Michigan when I got an unexpected speeding ticket in a school zone. Without any local references, I took a chance and looked up an attorney to represent my case on the internet. After my very first call with Mark, I knew that my case was in good hands. Mark called me personally to explain his services and made everything easy to understand. He kept me up to speed personally with on-going phone calls and emails. I was so pleased when he called to tell me that all charges had been dropped and that no points would go on my license. Overall, my experience with Freedman & Freedman has been incredibly positive. I recommend Mark and his team to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation. Even though I am all the way in North Carolina, Mark made me feel important, included and well taken care of throughout my traffic case. Thank you all very much!

    - E.A.

  • Always on the spot to help, reacting quickly and professionally
    Mark has been an outstanding resource for not only myself but ofr my wife also. As sales Professionals we are on the road over 45,000 miles a year and yes we run into our share of speed traps. Mark has always been on the spot to help, reacting quickly and professionally. His track record for performance has been outstanding. It has been well worth having Mark represent us to keep our records clean

    - JD De Mare

  • Provided me with good advice and a clear plan of action
    Mark has helped me out on two separate occasions. Each time he provided me with good advice and a clear plan of action. He is easy to contact, does an excellent job of following through, and is very personable over the phone. Thanks for your help Mark!

    - Kristen McDonald

  • Mark, thank you for all your help with my case and appeal.
    Mark, thank you for all your help with my case and appeal. Without your assistance, I would have not had such a favorable outcome! As the judge said, "I was well served by my lawyer." Tell potential clients you are worth every cent.

    - M.C.

  • Exceeded My Expectations
    Mark did not promise me anything more than to do his best in my particular situation. He exceeded my expectations and I am very happy with the results

    - Steven Lawrence

  • I highly recommend the law office of Freedman & Freedman to everyone.
    My son came to me terrified because he was facing jail time and heavy fines for a major traffic violation. Immediately I started to search for an experienced attorney. After researching several attorneys, my heart lead me to reach out to the law office of Freedman & Freedman, within minutes Mark sent me a reply. I talked briefly with him and explained my son's situation and instantly I knew he was the one, He was so knowledgeable and very down to earth (which is very rare with most attorneys). I can go on and one about the greatness of Mark and his wife, but I will keep it short. Mark was able to get my son's major traffic violation reduced to a civil infraction which meant no jail time and no heavy fines. I highly recommend the law office of Freedman & Freedman to everyone. They really know their stuff.

    - A.E.

  • So Glad I Called Them!!!
    Great results, and what a relief, after Mark did his 'magic'!! So glad I picked up the phone and dialed that day!! I have every confidence in him and you should/can, too!!!

    - Ms. C.