Police Intercept 150 Pounds of Marijuana in Wayne County

Last week, Wayne County sheriff’s deputies intercepted 150 pounds of marijuana, leading to the arrest of two men.

Aaron Houston Cook, 20, along with another man in his 20s, was arrested and charged with possession with intent to deliver 45 kilos of marijuana.

Police received a tip that the two men were trying to ship the drugs in as cargo on a car hauler, and were also told when and where the drop-off was expected to take place.

In response, Wayne County narcotics officers set up surveillance in a parking lot near North Line Road and I-75. When the car hauler arrived at the scene, the two men got out of a waiting car and signed paperwork from the driver to take a limousine that he was carrying.

As soon as Cook got behind the wheel, police moved in and recovered 11 tightly packed bundles of marijuana, each about 18 inches long and 8 inches thick. Investigators believe the street value of the drugs is more than half a million dollars.

Both the vehicle and the marijuana have been confiscated.

Police do not believe the driver of the car hauler was involved.

Charged with a Marijuana Crime?

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