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Injury Claims: Trial vs. Settlement

Will your personal injury case go to trial? Statistically speaking, you are far more likely to receive an out-of-court settlement rather than have to go through an entire civil court trial for your case. The vast majority of personal injury cases are settled, even if they actually go to court and a settlement is reached after the trial has begun. Reaching an agreement pre-trial is usually the most advantageous way to save the time and expense associated with a drawn out courtroom battle. The key will be to reach an agreement that is fair and just.

A Michigan personal injury lawyer will play an important role in resolving your personal injury claim, whether this is by reaching a settlement with the other party or arguing your case in court to seek a jury award in your favor. In either scenario, an attorney will be able to accurately determine what your claim is worth to seek a fair settlement or award. The amount of financial compensation you receive will directly impact your ability to recover financially. This issue may be particularly difficult to address when you consider the vast amount of medical expenses and lost wages that may be caused by a severe injury. You need to be sure that the settlement you receive is in your best interests.

Will Your Case Go to Trial?

A personal injury claim usually only goes to trial to be decided by a judge and jury if the parties involved (the defendant and plaintiff) cannot reach an agreement regarding a fair settlement. Reaching a settlement may involve compromises on one or both sides. If one side simply will not budge, it may bring about the need for the court to become involved and make a legally binding decision. At Freedman Law Group, we look at all the variables when handling an injury claim. We will look at the settlement offered by the insurance company and will weigh your options to determine whether trial will be in your best interests. If this is the only way for us to seek fair compensation, we will aggressively protect your rights in civil court to seek a fair outcome. Contact our firm today for help in your injury case!

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