Ankle Monitoring Devices & Drunk Driving

Has the troubled economy made the government desperate for ways to cut costs? Some people would say so. And one way they are doing it is by using advanced technologies to monitor people accused of drunk driving.

When a driver is arrested for OWI or DUI in Oakland County, Wayne County, or anywhere else in Michigan, he or she may be ordered to wear an ankle monitoring device. This device allows law enforcement officials to track drunk driving offenders 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without the state having to cover the cost of incarceration in jail or prison. Instead, the offender pays a small fee (typically anywhere from $12 to $20 a day), and law enforcement officials can track when the offender consumes alcohol.

The device, which is attached to the offender's ankle, works by measuring the offender's perspiration at least every hour, if not every half an hour. The device can sense alcohol if it is released when the body perspires. The data is automatically computed and sent to a database where a law enforcement agent will be notified if the offender consumes alcohol.

Ankles Monitoring Devices - Not Always Accurate

While these devices may seem error-proof, the truth is they're not. If you have been ordered to wear an ankle monitoring device after getting arrested for OWI or DUI in Oakland County or Wayne County, you need to contact an experienced Michigan I DUI attorney at the Law Offices of Freedman & Freedman. There have been many instances in which these devices have given a false positive reading, when in fact the offender hadn't been drinking at all. In fact, when a false positive reading occurred in Michigan, a judge went on record to state that these devices were unreliable.

Whether you have just been arrested for drunk driving, or if you have already been convicted and have been ordered to wear an ankle monitoring device, you can depend on a Michigan DUI lawyer at Freedman & Freedman to provide you with the aggressive defense you need at this time.

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