New Supreme Court Opinion Restores Rights Of The Injured

On Sunday, the Michigan Supreme Court issued its opinion in McCormick v. Carrier, an important case that restores the rights of persons seriously injured in motor vehicle accidents. The case involves Flint-area GM employee Rodney McCormick who was run over by a loading truck while on the job. McCormick suffered a broken ankle that required surgery to insert hardware into his ankle to stabilize the bone fragments. He could not be weight bearing for one month after the surgery and required multiple months of physical therapy. Ten months later, a second surgery was required to remove the metal hardware. He was unable to perform functions necessary for his job for at least 14 months and did not return to work for 19 months. He also was unable to engage in his recreational activities during his recovery.

Under the standard previously established by the Michigan Supreme Court in Kreiner v Fisher, a 2006 case, McCormick'sinjuries were not serious enough for his case to be taken to trial and his case was thrown out of court. Sunday's opinion overturns Kreiner and restores the rights that seriously injured persons had for decades before Kreiner was decided.

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