Three People in Same Vehicle Arrested for Separate Crimes

Three men were arrested on various charges in Woodhaven after someone called police to report there were people smoking pot in their truck.

Police arrived at the scene with a drug sniffing dog, who was able to detect the scent of marijuana and confirm its presence in the vehicle. The officer was able to smell the marijuana as well, and upon searching the vehicle found marijuana seeds and crumbled leaves throughout the suspect’s truck.

A passenger in the vehicle was also arrested, but for disorderly conduct and obstruction after he refused to comply with the officer’s orders. According to the article on The News-Herald, the officer asked the passenger to step out of the vehicle and leave the scene, but he refused. The passenger became angry and refused to get out of the truck. After a profane outburst and refusing to leave the vehicle at least three times, the officer had the passenger arrested.

A third passenger was also arrested after it was discovered there was an arrest warrant out for a reckless driving charge.

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