Waterford Township Treasurer's Office Employee Sentenced for Embezzlement

A woman who worked in the Waterford Township treasurer's office has been sentenced to two years probation for embezzling money from the office.

Melanie Marie Davidson, 27, had only been working as an account clerk for the treasurer's office for three months when officials noticed a discrepancy with a deposit from another department.

The treasury department began investigating the discrepancy immediately, and both an internal and outside audit turned up numerous incidences of embezzlement. The investigation found that Davidson had been taking money from deposits that were made by other Waterford Township departments. Waterford Treasurer Margaret Birch said it is believed Davidson began embezzling the money about 20 days after she began working in the office.

Davidson was quickly fired from her job and charged with embezzlement. She pleaded no contest to the charges. In addition to two years probation, Davidson was also ordered to pay $12,473 in restitution.

Before being transferred to the treasurer's office Davidson worked for the Waterford building and engineering department, but according to director Doug Bradley, Davidson did not take any funds from his department.

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