Fighting a Breath or Blood Test

When the police suspect a driver of operating while intoxicated (OWI), they will ask the driver to submit to a breath or blood test to determine their blood alcohol concentration. If the driver's BAC is at or above .08%, the police have justifiable grounds to place the driver under arrest on suspicion of drunk driving.

Many people arrested for OWI or DUI don't realize they can contest the results of a breath or blood test. If you have been arrested and charged with DUI or OWI, you absolutely should fight the results your test with the help of an experienced Michigan DUI lawyer at the Law Offices of Freedman & Freedman! There are actually a number of factors that could cause a false, misleading, or inaccurate reading of your blood alcohol concentration. For example, if the officer failed to properly calibrate the breathalyzer machine, it could give an inaccurate reading. Radio interference is another common cause of inaccurate readings. If the equipment used during a blood test was contaminated, it will also affect the accuracy of the reading. Not to mention, simple human error when processing the lab work is another reason why a blood test might produce a false reading.

Contact a Dedicated DUI Defense Attorney

The point is, if you took a breath or blood test, and the results indicate that your BAC was above the legal limit, it is important that you do not simply sit back and allow the prosecution to convict you of the charges. Stand up for yourself and fight back! At the Law Offices of Freedman & Freedman, we are dedicated to helping clients throughout Wayne County and Oakland County contest the accuracy and validity of their breath or blood test, and would be more than happy to arrange a consultation to discuss how we can help you fight your charges.

Charged with DUI/OWI in Wayne or Oakland County? Contact an experienced and dedicated Michigan DUI attorney at the Law Offices of Freedman & Freedman today!