Teen Faces Additional Charges After Violating Protection Order

A Waterford Township teen faces legal action after allegedly violating a personal protection order and assaulting his girlfriend.

The 16-year-old was arrested last Wednesday, but has since been released to his mother. He is currently under house arrest at his mother’s house, during which he is not allowed to use a phone, go on the Internet, or have friends come over.

The teen was originally arrested in December for assaulting his girlfriend outside of a hockey facility. According to a report, the teens where sitting inside a vehicle when they began arguing over a text message the boy received. It is reported that the boy struck the girl on the right side of her face, causing the left side of her forehead to hit the window. Police say the boy also struck the girl in the upper left arm. All in all, a medical report shows the girl sustained injuries to her right eye, face, lip, and upper arm.

A protection order was eventually served to the teen, who then violated the order by having a friend send the girl text messages. Although the texts were not dangerous or threatening—the boy wanted to know if the girl hated him, if they could talk, and if she wanted him to quit the hockey team—a protection order prohibits contact of any kind between the two.

A pre-trial is scheduled for January 28 before Oakland County Circuit Court Family Division Judge Joan Young.

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