Two Men Wanted for Armed Robbery of Local Meijer Store

Oakland County Sheriff's Deputies are searching for two men suspected of robbing the Meijer store located at 1703 Haggerty Road.

Deputies were called around 5 a.m. yesterday morning. They say the two suspects were hiding in a stairway to the employee area where the store's cash is located. According to police, six employees were walking to the area to get cash for their registers when the men attacked.

One of the suspects allegedly held an employee at gunpoint and demanded that he get him access to the cash. The employee could not comply because he did not possess a key to the office.

All six employees were then forced into a room and told they wouldn't be hurt if they complied with the robbers' orders.

The store manager was eventually grabbed from behind and ordered to open the door to the cash office. She complied and stuffed money into a garbage bag. The suspects then tied her hands together.

Once the suspect took the garbage bag, he and the other suspect left the building.

The entire ordeal lasted about nine minutes, according to sheriff's deputies.

Both men are wanted for armed robbery.

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