Sentencing Scheduled for Ferndale Arson Convict

A man who now lives in Memphis, Tennessee will be sentenced for arson after an Oakland County jury found him guilty of the offense.

Jason Richard Rose, 32, was charged with arson after setting his ex-girlfriend’s minivan on fire. The fire eventually spread to her house and a neighbor’s house, causing more than $60,000 in damages.

Rose apparently planned to scorch the victim’s vehicle as a form of revenge after she broke off their engagement. According to Ferndale Fire Marshall Brian Batten, Rose waited four months and then firebombed the car.

The victim, who lived in Ferndale at the time of the attack, has since moved out of the state out of fear of further retaliation.

Rose was actually sentenced to 14-40 years in prison for the offense, but the sentencing hearing was cut short and postponed until March 18 at the request of Rose’s defense attorney. Rose, who was out on bail, is now in the Oakland County jail following the conviction.

Aggressive Defense Against Arson Charges

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