Man Pulls Knife On Officers

In Grand Blanc Township, an officer was parked at the corner of Fenton Road and Maple Road conducting a traffic watch on April 30th. He noticed a car in a parking lot across the road flashing its headlights so the officer approached the vehicle, thinking he was in need of assistance. The man in the car reportedly told the officer that what he was doing was wrong. The officer allegedly told the man he was just doing his job and returned to his vehicle.

About an hour later after returning from a traffic stop and arrest, the officer reported seeing the same man in his rear view mirror approaching the car on foot. The officer saw the man reaching toward what looked to be a holster and he got out of the car, drew his gun, and put the car between himself and the man. The man had reportedly pulled a nine-inch hunting knife from his belt. The officer ordered the man to drop the knife but he refused. More officers arrived on the scene and after again being told to drop the knife, the man raised the knife over his head and approached one of the officers. Apparently at this point, the man's mother was nearby and yelled for the police not to shoot, saying that her son was off his medications. The man then fled to a nearby subdivision where police later located him. He was Tasered and then taken into custody. The man was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon, obstructing a police officer and two counts of felonious assault.

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