Michigan Club Owner Facing Drug Crime Charges

This week, the owner of an Ingham County "pot club" is facing several criminal charges after his club was raided by police this week.

Officers from the Michigan State Police raided the club, known as "Green Leaf Smoker's Club", earlier this week. Now, the club's owner Wayne Dagit is facing criminal charges, including three counts of delivery of marijuana, one count of maintaining a drug house and one count of possession of marijuana. Three of the offenses are felonies in the state of Michigan. The first offense alone carries a sentence of 15 years if Dagit is convicted.

Police say that Dagit has a criminal history as he was convicted for burglary in 1993 in the state of Illinois. They also report that Dagit opened his club back in February and had 100 people join within the first few weeks of operation.

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