Slaying Of Missing Banker, David Widlak, Likely A Homicide

It is believed that a missing Mount Clemens banker likely was murdered according to Oakland County Medical Examiner Dr. L.J. Dragovic.

Dragovic, who performed the second autopsy on David Widlak, said today that suicide "can't be excluded, but it is a homicide until proven otherwise."

Dragovic, who found a gunshot wound to back of Widlak's neck not reported in the original autopsy from the Macomb County Medical Examiner's office, said the "gun muzzle positioning was fairly precise. It would take quite a bit of contortionism to self-inflict a wound in that manner."

The fatal shot was fired so closely that "gunshot residue was within the margins of the wound," he said. "The muzzle was applied to the back of the neck and death was almost instantaneous."

Suicide, he said, was "theoretically possible," but he added that he preferred "to take the common sense approach."

A veteran of thousands of autopsies, Dragovic said he could not recall one such as this being a suicide.

The body's advanced decomposition made tests for gunshot residue on the hands impractical, Dragovic said.

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