Man Arrested for Brutally Violent Robbery

A young man with an already impressive rap sheet was arrested for a robbery last week in which he repeatedly stabbed and hit a man during a robbery. Juan C. Rangel, 21, working with at least one other person, attacked the 23-year-old man from Sheboygan outside of a tavern. They reportedly approached him inside, announced themselves as members of the 38s gang and threatened him to leave their "territory."

When he didn't leave right away the gang members became enraged. They later attacked him outside the tavern around midnight as evidenced by video surveillance that caught Rangel brandishing a knife in front of the victim.

The robbery took place at Club Michigan located on 908 Michigan Avenue.

Rangel is now being held in jail in lieu of bonding out for the amount of $30,000. He is being charged with substantial battery and intimidation of a victim, as well as felony counts of armed robbery.

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