Parents Sue Hospital for Child's Cerebral Palsy

Parents of a child with cerebral palsy are now suing the hospital where she was born for causing a serious brain injury.

The claim was filed against Protestant Memorial Medical Center by Jennifer and Lance Schneider who claim that their daughter did not receive enough oxygen to her brain during the birthing process, causing the hypoxic brain injury that then led to her developing cerebral palsy. If the doctors had performed in-utero resuscitation maneuvers the little girl might not have suffered the injuries at all, they argue. Sophia Schneider now suffers from loss of enjoyment of a normal life, pain and suffering, disfigurement and disability, according to the complaint filed by the Schneiders.

Furthermore her disability will prevent her from reaching normal levels of education, depriving her of the ability to support herself later on in life. Sophia will also have to pay medical bills throughout her life as a result of her cerebral palsy. For all of this and more the Schneiders seek a judgment of $150,000 plus costs.

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