Police Arrest 27 People with Outstanding Warrants

Although state, local and federal officials had just nine warrants to serve on Friday, they wound up arresting 27 people who had outstanding warrants for drug crimes and other charges.

The original nine warrants were for individuals that collectively had 22 counts of dealing drugs. The additional warrants served were for harassment, domestic battery, theft, robbery, check fraud and burglary. One of the individuals apprehended, 30-year-old Crystal Canonge, was arrested as a result of a joint operation between Michigan City and Gary police. She will face three counts of dealing cocaine in Lake County before she is extradited to LaPorte County. Two more individuals were arrested on drugs charges, 25-year-old Kari Bross for three counts of dealing heroin, a controlled substance; and Jason Johnson, 32, for four counts of dealing marijuana. These all count as Class A felonies.

It took thirty law enforcement officials broken up into teams to round up this impressive number of arrests and it took approximately nine hours to locate each person of interest.

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