Man Bites Off Portion of Woman's Nose during Altercation

Michigan police were called to the scene of a house party last weekend where a violent crime had taken place. A man reportedly bit off a portion of a woman's nose after the two became embroiled in an altercation while attending the party. According to the police report, the 56-year-old man became so enraged with the 44-year-old woman that he grabbed her and bit her. He clamped down with such force that he removed nearly 1/3 of her nose. The missing piece was later retrieved and brought to the hospital along with the female victim.

Officers say that alcohol was served at the party and may have played a role in the incident and that the man was arrested on a felony charge of assault with intent to maim. When police spoke with the victim about the incident, she referred to the suspect as her friend. It is uncertain at this time whether doctors were able to reattach the severed portion of her nose. Were you involved in an altercation that led to your arrest for a violent crime? If so, contact Freedman & Freedman today to enlist the services of a Michigan criminal defense lawyer who can review your case and stand by your side as you fight your charges.