Spinal Cord Injury Survivor Re-Learning to Walk

One young man has much to be thankful for this year. After being involved in a horrible snowmobile accident four years ago, reporters say that it is a miracle that the young man is alive. The champion rider was practicing a jump when he lost control of his vehicle. In an attempt to avoid a collision, he jumped from the snowmobile. However, when he landed on the ground, he fell directly on his back. As a result of his fall, several bone fragments went through his nerve sac, severing his spinal cord.

After conducting several tests to confirm the spinal cord injury, the doctors learned that he had arachnodotis. This is a severely painful condition that leaves the young man with burning pain and stinging. In addition to the pain, the young man cannot feel or use the left side of his body. However, the nerves are still in-tact so he is learning how to walk again using just his left leg.

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