Defense Strategies For Dog Attacks

I am often writing about dog bites and dog attacks and how egregious it is when dog owners do not carry homeowners' or renters' insurance in the event their dog attacks and injures someone. This issue usually gets on my radar during the warm weather months when more people are outside and vulnerable to dog attacks. So, I wanted to find out what we should do if faced with a dog attack.

According to an article by ABC news, if you are approached by a vicious dog, stand still, stand straight and try to relax. Never stare a dog in the eyes as it is a sign of aggression. Drop you head and eyes but stay upright. If you have something, nearby or in your hands, put it between yourself and the dog. If the dog actually attacks and bites you, do not fight back. The struggle feeds the dog's defensive drives making him more vicious.

The next 2 tips appear to apply if the dog has knocked you to the ground. If the dog grabs one of your limbs, try to remain motionless. It should let you go if it thinks you are dead. If it does not have a limb, over your ears and press your elbows to your sides so that your ears, eyes, rib cage and vital organs are protected.

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