Bobby Brown DUI Arrest

You may have heard, Bobby Brown, Whitney Houston's ex-husband, is in trouble again. It is being reported that he was pulled over Monday for talking on a cell phone without using a hands-free device. While he was stopped, the officer "suspected" he was impaired. It is not being reported what caused the officer to suspect he was intoxicated however, at least one field sobriety test was administered. The officer claims Mr. Brown failed a sobriety test and arrested him on suspicion of DUI. Again, it was not reported exactly what sobriety tests were offered, which one he failed, and there was no mention of whether he was ever given a PBT, a preliminary breath test. The singer was released later that afternoon.

Whether you are a famous celebrity or your average hard-working citizen, a DUI or OWI conviction can have numerous negative consequences. Of course, imprisonment is one of the most serious consequences. However, even losing your driver's license for an extended period of time can cause economic hardship and a great deal of stress. Relying upon friends, family members, and public transportation to get to and from work or school is not only a hassle, but you may not be able to get where you need to go on time. You may also face fines, community service and probation for a conviction. Loss of employment is yet another potential side effect.

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