Two College Students and Teammates Caught during Burglary

Two college students were involved in a burglary attempt in Palm Desert last week. One of the suspects was fatally shot by a police officer while the second sustained non-life-threatening injuries. According to the police report, the two suspects were discovered by police in the middle of a burglary. Both attempted to resist arrest, prompting officers to withdraw their weapons. F.T., 20, was shot by police officers and then quickly transported to a local hospital. He died shortly after due to massive internal injuries.

His partner, R.T., 22, was taken into custody. He has since been charged with residential burglary, suspicion of robbery, and felony use of a firearm. Both suspects played football for College of the Desert. If you have recently been detained for suspicion of burglary, you could be facing serious criminal penalties if convicted. Instead of trying to navigate through the legal process on your own, obtain the services of a knowledgeable Michigan criminal defense lawyer by contacting Freedman & Freedman today. We are experienced when it comes to defending people charged with theft crimes.