Dog Attacks Deputy Investigating Reports of Illegal Trash Burning

In Traverse City, a report was made leading authorities to believe that someone was burning trash in the area illegally. In response, a firefighter and a deputy went to the scene to investigate. When they arrived at the home in question, they could see two dogs barking inside the home. They attempted to find the owner by shouting for him, but no one responded. The deputy went into the back yard, all the while shouting for the owner. Finally, the deputy saw a man in the house coming toward him. He identified himself and told the man that he needed to talk to him about the reports that had come in.

After identifying himself, the two dogs they had seen in the home ran out of the house and towards the deputy. A 100 pound dog attacked the deputy, clamping down on his arm and not letting go. To make matters worse, the owner stood by watching and did nothing to help the deputy. It was not until the deputy pointed his gun at the dog and threatened to shoot it if it did not let go that the owner removed the dog.

It was later discovered that the dog was not up-to-date on its vaccines. The deputy who was attacked felt like the owner had intended for the attack to happen. His statement in the case resulted in the man being charged with assault on a peace officer as well as resisting arrest and obstructing a peace officer. He was also charged with the violations regarding the dog's vaccines. Any crime against a law enforcement officer is taken extremely seriously. If you were accused of this type of crime, you should contact our team at the Law Offices of Freedman & Freedman as soon as possible. Call today to learn more!