Teen Killed In Crash - Sister Is Driver

It is a horrific tragedy to lose your daughter under any circumstances. To lose your daughter because of the actions of your other daughter, the loss must be doubly agonizing. Unfortunately, a Bay City family is coping with just such a loss.

Over the weekend, the two Bay City girls were driving in Grand Rapids along I-96. The driver apparently missed her exit. Instead of continuing on to the next exit ramp, exiting, and then back tracking until she could exit at the correct location, the driver decided to stop the car and back up to the exit. Sadly, the car was hit by a tractor-trailer killing the 17-year-old passenger and injuring the driver.

While the age of the driver in this tragedy is unknown, it is important that all new drivers be taught how to handle a variety of situations including missed exits and traffic congestion. Those teaching our new drivres should never assume that any situation is mere common sense. In fact, I have seen many seasoned drivers, totally devoid of common sense, back up along the shoulder of a highway for a half mile so that they could exit to avoid a traffic jam.

Bottom line is whatever the circumstances, your life and the lives of those you love are worth more than a few minutes delay in getting to your destination. If you miss an exit, do not attempt to back up on a highway, do not turn around at an emergency vehicle turn lane. Continue along your path, get off at the next exit and double back until you have retraced your route and can exit at the proper location. Alternatively, continue along, get off at the next exit and pull over at a safe location where you can use your smart phone to plot an alternate route to your destination. If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of sitting in a traffic jam, exercise patience. Put on your favorite radio station and get lost in the music. The traffic jam cannot last forever. Getting to your destination late is far better than losing your life.

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