Juveniles Sentenced to Life Without Parole May Now Have the Chance for Freedom

Children make a lot of mistakes as they are growing up, and often times they learn by experiencing the consequences of their actions and changing as a result. Unfortunately, there are many children that commit such extreme acts of violence that lives are taken, and when convicted they have been sentenced to life in prison without parole. While that law may seem harsh, it was done as a means of punishment for the crimes committed, however what if that isn't what is best for these children, who are now adult's after years spent behind bars?

This was the concern with the U.S. Supreme Court who recently ruled that children sentenced to life in prison without parole may now have the chance to be released. The Supreme Court ruled this as being unconstitutional punishment for minors. Reports say that currently in the United States there are 2,500 inmate that were sentenced to life without parole for crimes committed when they were minors, and now they have been given the opportunity to fight for their freedom.

Arguments that were for this recent decision claim that these now adults should be given the chance to try again at life, because as minors their brains weren't fully developed and when crimes are committed at a younger age, the mental ability to rehabilitate is much higher than those who commit crimes as an adult. While this ruling was determined by the Supreme Court, many families of victims whose lives were taken by these inmates are fighting back. They claim that they don't deserve a second chance because their loved ones weren't given the opportunity for one because of their acts.

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