Hire A Lawyer To Fight A Traffic Ticket? See Why You Should.

Have you ever received a traffic ticket? It certainly does seem like a rhetorical question as the vast majority of licensed drivers have, in fact, received at least one moving violation during their lifetime. But have you ever thought about hiring an experienced traffic ticket attorney to fight that traffic ticket? Perhaps not, but as thousands of our clients can attest, we can absolutely help in more ways than you think. People often do hire attorneys for traffic tickets and there are some very good reasons to hire our firm to do so:

  • Reduce the risk of points;
  • Reduce the risk of large increases to your insurance premiums and the risk of becoming uninsurable;
  • Reduce the risk of having your driver's license restricted or suspended;
  • In most circumstances, we go to court for you so you can avoid the hassle and expense of missing hours of work and arranging for child care;
  • We offer an absolutely free consultation;
  • We offer seamless representation and payment options. There is no need to even come to our office;
  • Even if you have just paid the ticket, all is not lost. We often can have the ticket reinstated and modified.

Here is a recent sample of our traffic ticket defense work in local area district courts just in the last few weeks:

Court Original Ticket Our Result

41A D.C. 2 Point Speeding *Impeding Traffic

36th D.C. 3 Point Careless Driving Dismissed

34th D.C. 2 Point Speeding *Double Parking

45th D.C. 2 Point Speeding *Impeding Traffic

20th D.C. 2 Point Speeding *Double Parking

34th D.C. 2 Point Speeding *Double Parking

48th D.C. 2 Point Improper Lane Use, No Proof of Insurance,

Expired License (Misdemeanor) **Double Parking

35th D.C. 2 Point Speeding *Impeding Traffic

* Non-Moving Violation – 0 Points – Not reportable to MI Sec. of State/Does not appear on Master Driving Record/Not visible to insurance companies

** Case was successfully reinstated by our firm after filing a Motion (granted by Judge) following a plea of guilty/responsible entered by client before retaining counsel

Please be careful driving on ice and snow!

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