Two Separate Cases Involving Teenage Robbery

Two Oakland County teenagers are in jail for robbing a 55-year-old woman left paralyzed from a stroke.

Dazmon Kittles, 19, and Keywania Weatherspoon, 18, were arrested, charged, and booked in Oakland County jail for allegedly knocking the woman over and mugging her after pretending like they were going to help her get home.

Both teens have been charged with armed robbery. They are each being held on $50,000 bond.

The woman was leaving the Super K Liquor store and on her way back to the Sagano Motel where she was staying when the two boys approached her. They offered to push her wheelchair back to the motel.

According to Sgt. Steve Troy, the teens pushed her back to the motel, but then tipped her over and robbed her. The teens ran off with a pack of cigarettes, a $6 bottle of vodka, and $10 in cash.

In a separate incident, an 18-year-old Lake Orion High School student has been charged with taking money from a homeowner at knifepoint.

The 67-year-old homeowner told police a person in their late teens rang the doorbell and was looking for someone named Morgan. As the homeowner was closing the door, the teen forced his way into the home and stole money the homeowner had recently taken out of the bank. The victim also told police the teen was armed with a 6-inch knife.

A police dog was used to track the suspect. When the police were led to the Waldon Lakes Apartments in Orion Township, the deputies knocked on the door. When no one answered, they got a key from the apartment manager and found the knife matching the description lying in plain site. It was taken as evidence.

The teen was eventually found and taken into custody. He is currently at the Oakland County jail and is awaiting his arraignment for armed robbery charges.

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