Man Mauled by Pit Bulls - Trial To Begin May 6

On March 5, 2009, Duane E. VanLanHam and neighbor, Bridgetta Hadley, both of Buena Vista Township, were viciously attacked by three unrestrained pit bull terriers. It is reported that Ms. Hadley was attacked as she left her house to go to work, the dogs pouncing on her before she could get to her car. Mr. VanLanHam heard her screams, saw the attack and immediately ran to her aid, grabbing a stick on the way. Mr. VanLanHam was able to get the dogs off of Ms. Hadley and get her to the safety of a car. Unfortunately, the vicious dogs turned on him, biting Mr. VanLanHam repeatedly and even pulling him off the hood of a car when he tried to climb onto the car to escape the dogs.

Both dog bite victims suffered serious and permanent injuries. Ms. Hadley is reported to have been hospitalized for 4 days with bites to both legs and arms with permanent nerve damage to one of her arms. Mr. VanLanHam reportedly spent more than 6 months in the hospital enduring surgery, infection and the loss of numerous fingers and toes. Prosecutors charged the owners of the dogs, Anthony D. Hunt and Shamorrow S. Amos with six counts of possessing dangerous animals causing serious injury. The trial is scheduled to begin May 6th.

Michigan is a strict liability state in regards to dog bites, meaning a dog is not allowed "one free bite" as in some other states. No matter whether the dog has shown aggressive behavior in the past or if it has already bitten someone before, the dog owner may be held liable for the victim's injuries.

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