Man Accused of Road Rage and Shooting a Driver Pleads Not Guilty

In a recent road rage case in Farmington Hills, two men were driving on Orchard Lake Road. Allegedly, C.M. aged 27 kept braking, causing the 20-year-old driver behind him to become agitated. In response, the 20-year-old got out of his car and went up to C.M.'s window where they began to argue. The argument came to a dramatic end when C.M. pulled out a gun and shot the victim in the arm.

According to C.M., it was not his desire to shoot the victim, but he was afraid when he got out of his car and came towards him. C.M. did have a license to carry a concealed weapon but he has still been charged with assault with the intention to commit bodily harm. He remained at the scene with the victim and called 911 for help. He has pleaded guilty to the charges against him.

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