Former Teacher Arrested for Child Pornography

A former teacher in Detroit was recently arrested for child pornography. James Charles-Wright Roberts, 63, has been charged with molesting two sisters in Palm Bay and showing them pornography over a period of three years. The girls are both under the age of 12.

It all started when Roberts befriended the girl's family when he moved from Michigan to Brevard County. The girls eventually started to spend as much as two weekends per month at his home. The girls finally told their parents about what Roberts had been doing; the parents immediately went to the authorities.

When police went to search for Roberts, they found him in his home. He was taken into custody on 150 counts of sexual battery of a minor and 150 counts of protection of minor: prohibition of certain acts in connection with obscenity.

Roberts is currently being held in the Brevard County Detention center located in Sharpes.

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