Man Accepts Responsibility for Girlfriend's Death after Drunk Driving Accident

In Salem, Massachusetts, a 19-year-old man received 3 to 4 years imprisonment after he pled guilty on Friday and accepted responsibility for a drunk driving accident that led to the death of his girlfriend in March.

While inside the Salem Superior Court, family members of Julia Gauthier spoke with the judge about the death of their family member. The victim's mother said, "Always will I awaken to a fleeting expectation of greeting her, holding her, looking into her beautiful eyes and at her beautiful face."

Julia was killed while riding as a passenger in Christopher Maxson's car. At the time of the accident, Maxson was under the influence and crashed his Toyota Forerunner. Police said that Julia was ejected through the sunroof of the vehicle and pronounced dead at the scene of the collision.

After entering his plea, the judge ordered Maxson to serve 3 to 4 years of jail time.

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