Appealing a Criminal Conviction

At the Law Offices of Freedman & Freedman, we are committed to helping clients throughout Wayne and Oakland Counties appeal their criminal convictions.

While not all people will qualify for an appeal, there are many circumstances that may warrant asking the court to reconsider the verdict. Basically, if a legal error or mistake was made that was significant enough to impact the outcome of the case, an appeal should be sought. Some circumstances that may warrant an appeal include:

  • Your constitutional rights were violated
  • Important evidence was excluded
  • Evidence that was deemed inadmissible was allowed to be included
  • Lack of sufficient evidence to support a guilty verdict
  • New evidence has surfaced that may exonerate you
  • The jury was given incorrect instructions by the judge
  • Juror misconduct
  • Lawyer/attorney malpractice

Experienced Criminal Appeals Attorneys Serving Wayne & Oakland Counties

If you are interested in appealing a criminal conviction, it is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible, as you only have 42 days from the date of judgment to file your appeal. Furthermore, the attorney you hire must be well-versed in criminal appellate law, as the appeals process can be difficult. At the Law Offices of Freedman & Freedman, you can depend on a skilled Michigan criminal appeals lawyer to thoroughly review your original case files and conduct an investigation in an effort to uncover evidence that convinces the appeals court to hear your case.

The best way to learn more about filing a criminal appeal is by scheduling a consultation with an experienced Michigan criminal appeals attorney at our office. To schedule your consultation, please fill out a free case evaluation or contact the office today at (877) 858-5297!