Common Birth Injuries

A birth injury is a type of injury that occurs during the labor and/or delivery process. In some cases, birth injuries happen because medical professionals fail to monitor fetuses and mothers before labor and during labor. Some of the more common birth injuries are:

Head/Brain Injuries: during a typical birth, infants' heads exit birth canals first and experience a great deal of pressure. Sometimes, doctors may use instruments, like vacuums to guide infants' heads out of the birth canal. When these instruments are used incorrectly or with too much force, infants can suffer head and/or brain injuries.

Fractures: another type of injury that can occur is a skull fracture. Although very rare, skull fractures may result from medical negligence and cause lifelong suffering.

Hemorrhage: if a blood vessel ruptures in infants' brain, hemorrhaging may occur and lead to long-term brain damage. Additionally, hemorrhaging may result from ischemia (lack of blood flow to the brain) or hypoxia (lack of oxygen in the blood).

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