Local Bank Cautions that Credit Card Fraud is on the Rise

In Northern Michigan, several people have come forward with reports that their credit card information was stolen from people overseas. One of the individuals is Ashlee Ritchie. She said that someone used her stolen credit card information in Spain. After learning of the credit card fraud, she called her bank and they took care of it right away.

However, Ritchie is not alone as several people have had their credit card information stolen from cards that are held at differing banks. The charges on their cards have reportedly ranged from $200 to $5,000.

Ritchie told news sources that she continues to check her bank account balances every day. "You just don't expect it to happen to you, and then you just find out that they're getting into your account." She also said, "It's just scary, and there's people out there who don't check their balances or their accounts, and people just need to be aware of the situation."

When interviewed, Chemical Bank in Michigan said that debit and credit card fraud are on the rise. While the bank has teams to monitor transactions and to help protect customers from identity theft, it continues to receive reports of fraud and urges customers to watch their accounts.

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