Michigan Drunk Driving Audit Reveals Increase in DUI Injuries

The Michigan Drunk Driving Audit for 2009 has just been released and reveals some interesting numbers and statistics. The report showed that there were 351 accidents in 2009 that were shown to be caused by alcohol consumption or drug use. This number was actually down from the year before, with 370 drug and alcohol related crashes in 2008. Even though the number of accidents went down, the number of injuries did not. In 2009 there were 6,271 people who were injured as a result of a drunk driving accident or drug-related accident. In 2008, the number of people injured was 6,248. When the director of the Michigan State Police was asked for his opinion on this increase, he stated that he believed drugs were becoming more and more to blame for these accidents. Overall in 2009, there were approximately 45,893 arrests made for DUI or drugged driving.

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