Number Of Injuries In Alcohol And Drug-Related Crashes Grows

According to the 2009 Michigan Drunk Driving Audit, the number of traffic deaths resulting from alcohol and/or drug-related collisions dropped from 379 in 2008 to 351 in 2009. However, the number of people suffering injuries as a result of crashes involving alcohol and/or drugs rose from 6,248 in 2008 to 6,271 in 2009. Michigan State Police director Col Eddie L. Washington Jr. stated that drugs are playing a larger role in traffic crashes and injuries although it is unclear whether the increase is due to "expanded drug testing requests by law enforcement following an arrest."

In 2009 45,893 alcohol and drug-related driving arrests were made.

A drunk driving accident may leave you or a family member with catastrophic injuries, suffering from physical pain and severe emotional trauma. The worst part about car accidents of this kind is that they could have easily been prevented had the driver avoided drinking and driving in the first place. In your time of need in the wake of a serious Detroit drunk driving accident, an attorney at Freedman & Freedman can help.

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