Car Crash Lawsuit Will Go to Trial, Judge Says

A Lenawee County Circuit Court judge has rejected an attorney's request to dismiss an auto accident lawsuit against his client.

Mario Lawrence Parker was sued by his neighbor, Chad Fox, following an accident that left Fox with spinal cord injuries. Fox was a passenger in Parker's replica Ford GT40 sports car when, driving at a high rate of speed, Parker lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a utility pole.

After the accident Fox sued Parker for damages. But the attorney representing Parker argued that the case should be thrown out. He claims Fox was able to return to work within three weeks, and that his injuries only interfered with his ability to pay golf and softball. He also argued that Fox's injuries did not impair an important bodily function, nor did they compromise his general ability to lead a normal life.

But Fox's attorney fired back, saying that Fox's injuries did warrant a trial.

"In this case, the plaintiff's ability to have a social life away from work has certainly been taken away from him. You can see here that we're not looking at a minor bump or bruise for a short period of time," said the attorney.

The case will now be tried before a jury to determine whether or not Parker is liable for paying damages.

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