32 Year Old Arrested for Assault and Domestic Violence

In Wakefield, police say that a local man was placed under arrest for felony assault as well as a aggravated domestic violence this Sunday. Officers say they responded to a 911 hangup call and found a man covered in blood.

When troopers arrived at the scene at 2:30 AM, the man was sitting in front of the residence on stairs and had blood on him. The 32-year-old told officers he cut himself a few times and that no one else was injured.

After troopers investigated, they were told that the 32-year-old threaten his girlfriend with a knife, threatened to kill other people in the house and then set the residence on fire. Officers were able to locate a piece of furniture inside of the home that was damaged by fire.

After receiving medical care, the man was booked into jail and his bond was set at $20,000.

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