Drunken Driver Crashes Car In Front Of Police

A 43-year-old man crashed his car after losing control while exiting westbound I-94 in Ypsilanti Tuesday night, police say. He reportedly ran off the road at the Michigan Avenue exit, crashed through several road signs and slammed into a ditch 30 feet off the road. All of this occurred right in front of a Michigan State Police trooper. It is being reported that when the trooper checked on the driver, he could not stand without assistance, could not complete sentences, and could not follow directions. He allegedly admitted to being drunk and asked to skip the sobriety tests and just be taken to jail.

At the Washtenaw County Jail, a breath test allegedly determined that he had blood alcohol content of 3.0, more than 3 times the legal limit. He is being charged with Operating While Intoxicated with a Blood Alcohol Level of .17 or higher, commonly known as the Super Drunk Law. Under this law, the man faces much stiffer penalties.

Under the Super Drunk law, convicted first-time offenders will have their license suspended for one year, 45-days of which all driving privileges will be suspended. Thereafter, a person may apply for a restricted license for the remainder of the year provided, that the person installs an "ignition interlock" device at his/her own expense. The previous law required only 30-days hard suspension and no "ignition interlock" device. Under the new law, the maximum potential jail sentence increases from 93-days to 180-days, higher fines will be imposed and all offenders will have to participate in a one-year alcohol treatment program.

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