Man Charged with Felony Child Abuse after Fire Pit Accident

This week in Lenox Township, an area man was charged with felony child abuse. His charges were filed after he was accused of killing his daughter during a pit fire accident. The man, Majd Mohammad Al-Shara, was arraigned this past Monday in Macomb County Circuit Court.

Sources say that a preliminary hearing has been set for the 41-year-old. The hearing will take place on November 30th. It is also said that the defendants bond was set at 10% of $10,000. At this time, he remains in jail and also has immigration proceedings pending against him.

Six-year-old Aliaa Al-Shara died after she suffered serious burn injuries over most of her body on September 19th. Her father said that he had tried to relight wood by pouring gasoline out of a canister when flames shot out at his daughter as she stood near the fire pit.

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