Auto Theft Suspect Captured

Police in Burton, Michigan apprehended a young man this weekend after he was caught stealing a 1992 Oldsmobile Cutlass.

Police were alerted to the disappearance of the car when a man called to report it missing. He told police that his mother had asked him to pick it up from outside a home on James Street and, when he arrived, it was not there. Luckily for the thief, the keys had been left in the car by a woman who had quickly become ill and had to be transported to the hospital. Unluckily for the thief, however, was that the same man spotted the car driving around the corner of James and Greenly streets.

The responding officer pursued the car to a parking lot in Greenley Square Manor. The driver attempted to flee on foot, but was soon discovered in his hiding place nearby. He then attacked the officer, causing enough damage to later require six stitches to the officer's arm.

The 22-year-old suspect is now in the Genesee County jail on charges of resisting arrest, unlawful driving away of an automobile and obstruction. This is one case of auto theft detected quickly, if not without some pain, by local police.

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