Birth Injuries and Abnormal Labor

Do you believe that your child may have suffered birth injuries at the hands of your physician? Here are some common signs that you should be aware of that could mean you had an abnormal labor.

As soon as you are ushered into a medical facility to give birth, you should be hooked up to several machines. These are designed to monitor the status and health of your unborn child, and yourself; a delay in setting up these machines could mean serious health problems down the road. In fact, if your medical team failed to use a fetal monitor completely, you may already have grounds for a lawsuit.

Although they are not common, birth injuries can happen at the time of delivery. For example, the baby could be in an abnormal position, a situation that is easily remedied if your medical team conducts an ultrasound beforehand to detect this. In other cases the baby may be too large for the birth canal, prompting the team to go into "Plan B" mode. If your doctor attempted to push or pull the child through the small canal both you and the baby could have been injured.

If you suspect negligence caused your child to sustain a birth injury, contact our law office now to discuss your concerns with a Detroit personal injury lawyer.